Elyse Kopietz PromoA collaborative team is a highly-functioning team. This is just one of the many wisdom-bombs you'll get in this episode from Elyse Kopietz, director of communications, marketing and events at the Michigan Manufacturers Association.

We sat down to talk to Elyse about developing an engaged team and how to give your staff the learning opportunities they want and need. She also has some really great things to say about PureReinvention's latest offering, WE.INVENT, an all-girls club designed to give women the space to find new reasons why.

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“When you can build a culture that is open to change, open to people taking risks...that creates a great environment for pushing boundaries.” (9:50)

“When you work in a silo you’re limiting the opportunities for yourself.” (19:07)


Jump to 13:20 for Elyse’s useful ideas on how to maximize professional development for your staff and how that can translate to a greater ROI for your organization.

Listen to why Elyse says we are in a time where the customer likes to choose at 14:25 and what a personalized experience can do for an association.

Elyse offers some thoughts on women in the professional sphere around 21:30 and how PureReinvention’s all-girls club known as WE.INVENT is a platform for women to learn from each other through real talk about real experiences.

1- A culture that encourages risk-taking and vulnerability empowers staff to be active contributors.
2 - Leaders should try to fit the job to the talent they have while scanning the horizon for the next move.
3 - Engaged employees approach their work more creatively and are more willing to get the job done.
4 - Verbalize your thoughts - fresh input can shift the way you’re focusing on a problem and let in new solutions.
5 - Perform regular check-ups to make sure what you’re doing is providing value to yourself as an individual and for your team.

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Episode 44 - Cindy Bowen

We all have different strengths and weaknesses. Your weaknesses stop being a disadvantage when you allow others to fill in where you fall short.

Cindy Bowen, general manager at Crowne Plaza Lansing West and board member for the Michigan Lodging and Tourism Association, believes diversity in experience and background helps create better outcomes.

BONUS MATERIAL! Cindy is also a member of PureReinvention’s Women Advisory Council, which has helped to create WE.INVENT. Around 19:15 Cindy talks about why she is a part of the council and gives you a preview of what’s planned for women interested in a reinvention lifestyle supported by other professional women. The first ever meet-up is Friday, October 23. Learn more.


“Now we feel our responsibility is to steward and shepherd the strategic plan and the vision..and hold each other accountable.” (10:43)

“In my early years, they talked about as a professional you need to identify your weakness and strengthen it. Now they say hire to your weakness and utilize your strengths.” (17:50)


At 8:15 Cindy tells a story from the board perspective about recognizing when it’s time for change and keeping a strategic focus.

Cindy is the incoming MLTA board chairman. Jump to 12:15 to hear her describe how she intends to take on the responsibility of keeping the momentum of the reinvention plan moving forward.


1- To stay relevant you have to make changes.
2 – Trust in the new space created by a different approach and reject the temptation to go down the old path just to get the job done.
3 – The board should act as keepers of the vision for change and guide the organization toward that vision.
4 – If you want a different outcome, connect people who have diverse experiences and backgrounds.
5 – Nurture your strengths, know your weaknesses and find other people that have different strengths to help you get your organization where you want it to go.

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Episode 43 Steve Yencich Promo


Continuous improvement is the number one way to stay relevant to your membership or client base. It doesn't matter how long you have operated under your current patterns, you always have the choice to make a change.

Steve Yencich, president and CEO of the Michigan Lodging and Tourism Association, has been practicing how to stay the course of continuous improvement to help lead his organization to new growth. He talks to Mike about what he has learned by going counterintuitive to old business patterns. 

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“This planning process really empowered [the board] to start to look from that 20, 30-thousand foot level.” (4:48)

“If we don’t create an experience compelling enough...they’ll go somewhere else.” (11:12)


At 3:25 Steve gives a first-hand account of why it’s so important for the executive director to own a reinvention plan from the start.

Mike and Steve start to talk about how a feedback loop drives new behavior to stay in continuous improvement mode around 16:45. Listen closely to Steve’s clever approach.


1- Write your own plan and be accountable to it, even when it means accepting responsibility for the failures.
2 - Guard against falling back into old behaviors on a day to day basis.
3 - Good leaders are partners in the change process with their board, staff and other key stakeholders.
4 - Be willing to make course changes as you get new feedback while you’re connecting your plan to your audience.
5 - There’s a hidden opportunity in pulling old goals and objectives out of the mothballs to reinvigorate your core purpose.

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PureReinvention Podcast 042

We have an extra special episode for you this week! The PureReinvention team recorded a podcast to tell you about how this project was created and why we always make time to connect with each other and grow the PureReinvention concept.

There's so much to listen for in this episode, pay attention to the fine points and where our story resonates with you. We hope you have as much fun listening to it as we did recording it! Don’t forget to drop us a line to tell us what you think after the show.


“Sometimes it’s just putting yourself in the way of the momentum to see how it pings off you and where it goes next.” (6:30)

“Once we were able to understand the why for PureReinvention, we were able to share that why with the rest of the world.” (12:15)

At 7:55 Josh describes how the PureReinvention lifestyle has become second nature to him.

Jodi talks about choosing significance over success at 12:35 and how that has played a major part in the continued collaboration of the team.

Don’t cut off early, because at 18:23 Mike introduces what’s next for the PureReinvention project and Josh describes how you can connect directly with the team while gaining first-hand experience in sustainable, change-oriented leadership.

1- Look for new ways to get in your own way especially when you feel like everything is going along as it should be.
2 - Decide whether you want success or significance, and what the difference between the two means to you.
3- If you hear - or are making - rumblings, make sure those rumblings collide with others that are experiencing similar waves of discontent.
4 - When you don’t know why or how you got to this point, pick your head up, look around and talk to other people. They are probably wondering the same thing.
5 - Don’t make every interaction all about business; the best discoveries are made when there is room to explore.
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