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Stanford Smith, CEO of Pushing Social talks about leading the charge for Detroit Metro CVB’s social media efforts, with a keen focus on telling the real story of Detroit to a worldwide audience.  

In this episode, Stan’s passion for the platform as a conversation tool is impossible to ignore. He also shares a lot of helpful tips on using social media effectively along the way.

“Detroit is a city that shows tremendous resiliency, tremendous creativity, and I wanted to be part of telling the new story of the comeback city.” (4:50)

“All social media is doing is scaling the conversation and making it profitable.” (10:40)



Around 5:45 Stan offers associations some really good social media advice. He says the competitive advantage is in how you’re telling the story about the future of your industry.

At 15:00 Stan explains his vision for showing the world why Detroit matters. Listen through 18:00 to hear him describe a social media methodology known as the hero’s journey that associations can put into play.



1.  The strategy behind social media is as old as the campfire. It’s all about good conversation and telling stories.

2.   Three key questions can guide your social media strategy. What is our story?  Who is our audience? How do we tell it?

3.   Listening is just as important as posting on social media. Engage your followers and fans then listen and learn from their feedback.

4.   Keep your message simple. Stick to your story and passion.

5.  The social media strategy for #ASAE2015 will be to illustrate to outsiders why Detroit matters. The focus will be on the people and strengths of the City of Detroit.

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Hello PureReinvention fans!

We can’t wait for you to listen to this episode. It's a very interesting conversation between Mike Bills and the president and CEO of the Clinton County Economic Alliance (CCEA), Dru Mitchell.

Mike and Dru talk about working together to dramatically alter the way the CCEA was doing business, how Mike’s role as a navigator was really important in defining their new direction, and Dru’s experience as an executive working with her board to move forward together.

“I wanted [the board] to be exposed to the process using the five steps and how that can -- currently, and in the future -- be revisited to address how Clinton County Economic Alliance could be the solution to business-related issues in the county.” (3:45)

“Our plan now drives how I spend every day...and what activities my attention are directed to; it helps me focus. (8:00)

Tune in around 8:50 to hear MIke ask Dru to describe the non-traditional way they approached the initial assessment phase and how the strategic report was prepared for the board.

At 13:00 Dru talks about how important it was for her to write and present the report to her board and key stakeholders.


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Donna Inch, chairman and CEO of Ford Land and chairman of Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau talks with PureReinvention’s Mike Bills about Detroit’s comeback, aligning key leaders and executing a vision.

Donna Inch Promo Image copy


“Go back to the basics, get the fundamentals right...and then build.” (2:40)

“If you don’t have that teamwork approach...if you can’t get that alignment, it just doesn’t happen.” (6:18)

Jump to 9:45 to hear Donna expand on how city leadership recognized it was time for a change and how collaboration has led to incredible progress for Detroit.

At the 17:00 mark Donna has a message for ASAE annual meeting participants headed to Detroit in August.

1 – Aligning key leaders creates tremendous momentum to execute your vision.

2 - Breaking down barriers to progress, especially antiquated cultural behaviors, paves the way for growth.

3 – Developing multiple attractions or assets for your audience establishes ongoing, sustainable growth.

4 – Generating excitement around your vision nurtures the ownership of key stakeholders.

5 – Incorporating rich history into your reinvention strategy builds credibility.

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A navigator is an important part of the PureReinvention process because he or she provides the accountability to see the job through. This person not only actively keeps the process on track, but teaches you how to own the experience so it can be repeated for future success.

In this episode, Mike and Misty chat about the valuable role of the navigator and why good leaders know when it’s time to bring in outside help.

PureReinvention Navigator


“You spend enough time “figuring it out” you become resistant to other people helping you...Yet, the best leaders have the capacity to ask for help.” (1:48)

“You have to understand where you are today, where you want to be tomorrow and then figure out the navigation in between.” (9:05)

Go to 3:30 to hear Mike talk about learning out loud.  If you explain your idea to 10 people, do they understand it?

At 8:50 Misty describes the role of the navigator to bring informed experience, and knows that the navigator recognizes that the answer lies in the process.


  1. The best leaders ask for help.
  2. There is more growth potential, and in turn more opportunity for success, when you bring in an outside perspective to help find solutions.
  3. A good navigator builds trust with key stakeholders and provides a safe place for any idea - good, bad or outrageous - to have full consideration.
  4. When you are looking for a navigator, look for someone with direct experience that can offer informed guidance.
  5. A navigator provides accountability and gives an objective approach to the reinvention process.
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