Simplification is central to the reinvention process. A major element of this simplification process is the short mission statement or a simple diagram to convey where the key stakeholders need to keep their focus. In this week's interview with Kevin Shaw, vice president of marketing with Weiland, we learn how important it is to ask the right questions and simplify wherever possible.


“Retain talent by inviting people to have a piece of the action.” (4:44)

“Solve problems before they become problems.” (16:09)


(3:27) Developing a sustainable succession plan.

(8:22) A defining moment with simplify.

(10:24) Moving quickly towards the marketplace.

Tip of the week:

Keep your mission simple. Use one a one page statement or an easy to understand diagram to convey the plan to all stakeholders.

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How does a young woman succeed in a male dominated manufacturing industry? Anita Quillen shows us how. She empowers employees, learns her audience and competitors, and doesn't back down from uncomfortable situations. Anita Quillen, president and CEO of Diversified Engineering & Plastics is truly an inspiration!


“Teach yourself to take a step back before you approach anything.” (4:28)

“You can’t control everything . . . give them the room to be successful.” (5:52)

“Providing the flexibility for real life.” (10:24)

“Learn from everything you interact with.” (16:48)


(4:11) Learn to use difficult conversations to create movement.

(5:33) Learn to be comfortable leading from the backseat.

(7:44) The power of learning your audience.

(9:34) Closing the gap with hiring the right people.

Tip of the Week:

Are you giving your people enough room to be successful? Sometimes showing flexibility will pay great dividends.


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Sometimes it's difficult for non-profits to clearly identify their customers. Failure to do so can quickly lead to irrelevance and make it impossible to get the necessary funds even for the most worthy causes. Join us for this week's episode with Ken Toll, president and CEO of the United Way of Jackson County and learn how Ken is working hard to reach out and communicate with his stakeholders.


“How do we create systems level improvements in this community?” (6:25)

“Collective impact methodology of solving problems . . . You may not know where you’re going but if you don’t take the first step you’re not going to get there.” (8:44)

“The more we talk the more our customer base grows.” (9:45)


(3:44) How to achieve community impact.

(6:45) Reinventive communication focus.

(10:48) How to balance political push and data driven decisions.

Tip of the week:

Consider the collective impact methodology of solving problems – take some small steps, do prototyping and testing, get feedback loops going and seize the opportunities from lowest first and build upon them.

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Connect is the most multifaceted fundamental in PureReinvention. This week's short follows up on Carrie Ramirez's blog on connect and provides us with some insight on how to connect people, actions and opportunities.


“See the web of connections” (5:10)

“The only way to beat your enemy is to know them so well that you can love them.” (6:13)

“I can take my skills and my strengths and maximize those and minimize my weaknesses because I’ve balanced them out with someone else who has the strengths I don’t have.” (6:54)


How we make connect our best weapon through the web of connections:

(5:29) People
(7:29) Actions
(8:44) Opportunity

Tip of the week

Do a self-evaluation before taking action. In what way will you make a difference? Who will you reach out to? What actions will you connect between you and them? What are the opportunities?

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Connectual intelligence isn't a word, but we think it should be. Monica Moser, president and CEO of Jackson Community Foundation teaches us this concept and how connecting community leaders has created a cradle to career educational model in Jackson that's being talked about across the country.


“You’re never done. When you think you’ve got something figured out and you’ve put some things into place, you realize you have to disrupt it all over again.” (3:05)

“Almost every conversation could potentially be a difficult conversation.” (5:36)

“We're building a community of leaders that trust one another. Even if it’s a hard conversation to have the conversation.” (11:16)


(3:41) Cradle to career educational model (collective impact model of systems change).

(6:03) How to prepare for disruption.

(7:26) The power of looking in the rearview mirror to celebrate success.

(12:53) Failing forward.

(17:20) Define the best unword “conceptual intelligence."


Ask yourself: How do I listen? Am I listening to understand or am I listening for what to say next?

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