A successful life or career is rarely made from one dramatic event. It usually is a result of a work ethic developed over a series of small experiences and successes along the line. Listen to this week's episode as team members Mike Bills and Sonya Robinson discuss how you can develop a sense of ownership in your journey through taking small manageable steps to advance yourself both professionally and personally. 


“You have to own the work you want to do so you can get the work you’re destined to do.” (3:59)

"Create basic success first.” (7:10)


(4:15) Identify personal values.

(5:19) Start with small things to create a pattern of success.

Tip of the Week

Ownership starts with the small things. If you act responsibly you will get more responsibility.

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The relationship between a board of directors and a CEO is often undefined and can change based on the management style of the leadership. This week we explore a successful case of board leadership working in tandem with their new CEO as we talk with Cindy Bowen, Chairperson of the Michigan Lodging and Tourism Association board of directors and Deanna Richeson, President and CEO of that organization.


“The association has to change and evolve ahead of its members to provide value." (6:11)

"Be a listener. Engage your industry stakeholders. Have vision. Look for opportunities. Put that into an executable plan.” (9:07)


(3:50) Being the differentiator.
(5:18) The importance of continued quantum growth.
(6:18) Seeing ahead of your members.
(9:35) Unique value and characteristics of a sustainable board.

Tip of the Week

Do the board of directors and the chief executive have defined roles? Constant friction between the board and the chief executive may be an indicator of undefined roles.

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Deanna Richeson has accomplished a lot in her first year at the Michigan Lodging and Tourism Association. The association's annual conference set a record for attendance and she initiated a workforce development job fair that attracted over 400 attendees. That's quite a bit for a first year at the helm, but it sounds like she's just getting started. Listen to team member Sonya Robinson as she gets Deanna's thoughts on how she intends to work with her board of directors to move the association forward.


“The role of the board is to help create the vision from the industry’s perspective about where the organization will grow.” (4:36)

"It’s critical that the board shows up.” (5:50)

"Quantum growth: Big growth in a short time.” (9:16)


(5:42) Diversity of contribution.
(8:18) Quantum growth vs incremental growth.
(9:44) The importance of executive listening.

Tip of the Week

Sustainable growth can only be attained when you respond to the needs of your customers. Take the time to listen to your members/customers.

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PureReinvention team members Mike Bills and Sonya Robinson kick off June discussing how curiosity is a critical element of ownership.

Quote it
“Personal curiosity … drives the ownership component” (5:47)
“Use my curiosity to take things to the next level.” (8:40)
“What’s the little thing I can change that will make a difference.” (9:03)

Dig in
(6:24) The hunger for curiosity
(8:24) Pulling forward to understand

Tip of the Week:
Curiosity is the essence of ownership. Keep asking the "why"?


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