The PureReinvention team wraps up July discussing lessons learned from our guests this month. Simplification is very important in messaging and in serving customer needs. Organizations that focus on the customer experience and successfully communicate that are better positioned to thrive in this new economy. Listen as PureReinvention team members Mike Bills and Will Carlson discuss these lessons and reflect on how taking time to simplify complex issues is vital to advancing your mission.


“The simplification concept, for most people, becomes the pivot point.” (3:29)


(0:44) Getting ready to simplify.
(3:29) Lessons learned from simplification.

Tip of the Week

Successful solutions are almost always the simple ones.

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Grand Rapids has had a vibe for some time and has become a prime Midwest destination in spite of not having a major sports team. This week’s guest is chief experience officer of Experience Grand Rapids, Doug Small and is the promoter in chief of this gem of a city. Doug shares his thoughts on how team building and thinking differently has built Grand Rapids to the destination it is today. Doug also shares a personal story that was a life changing event that provides a valuable lesson to all of us.


“A Collaborative pioneering smart.” (4:01)

"Attitude, character and enthusiasm.” (8:05)

"We’re willing to do differently.” (18:30)


(4:21) Handsome growth.
(5:35) Stay true to brand pillars.
(13:51) The responsibility of a leader to listen.

Tip of the Week

Listen to your body. Don't ignore subtle persistent pain. It could be a signal of a bigger problem.

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Simplification of the message is vital to enlisting support and/or selling the product. Most successful endeavors end up being a simple solution to a complex problem. Complicated messages get lost and confuse customers and stakeholders. PR firms make a good living condensing messages to brands and slogans. However, in order to get to the simple slogan or elevator pitch, you have to thoroughly understand the issues and the problem at hand. Join team members Mike Bills and Will Carlson as they discuss simplifying the message and learn what's in store for our July podcasts.

Quote it

“What the hell does this mean?” (1:49)
“Be thoughtful about the bullet points.” (2:54)

Dig in

(2:32) Condense your hour long speech to ten minutes.
(3:33) Moving our passion and knowledge to a takeaway message for the listener.
(6:57) The power of illustrating to solve problems.

Don't be overwhelmed by the daunting task. Take a big problem and break it down to small parts.

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“[Detroit bankruptcy story] 170,000 creditors … 18.5 billion in debt … a pension system that was $3.5 billion underfunded … a service delivery insolvent city.” (0:46)

"[Company rebranding] So many things about it branding wise that were difficult.” (3:29)

"Our plan now drives how I spend everyday.” (5:48)


(1:10) Mining the daunting task and knowing where to start. Identify and reduce one single thing to a picture that others can understand.
(3:47) Less is more. Simplify your message.
(6:22) Streamline expectations with targeted focus.

Tip of the Week

Simplification is vital in your mission and your internal and external communications.

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