In this PureReinvention Short, we answer a listener question about how to make more time for personal and professional development.

Your question could be answered next! Send us your questions about barriers to making space. In other words, we want to help you get better at hitting the pause button.

Email your question to or leave it as a message on our reinvention hotline, 989-249-3885.

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“This is one of those things that you need to make a priority and choose to invest time and money into. Once it’s there, you can take it wherever you go.” (2:08)

“Is it possible that people don’t value the investment they are making because it’s too closely aligned with what they already know?” (5:15)

Around 2:30 Mike tells a story about what made him change the way he approached professional development.

At 8:00 Misty and Mike wrap-up their answer with a quick review of their tips on how to make time for professional development.

Professional development is an investment you can take wherever you go.
Look outside of your industry for new learning opportunities.
Find ways to expose yourself to new ideas and connect them to the work you do.

Will’s Blog: 3 Roadblocks that Keep Us from Making Space
How to download our mobile app to get the free worksheet that will help you identify new sources of professional development.

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Are you wondering what it would be like to take a leap of faith to pursue a dream? This week’s guest jumped into the unknown and has some words of advice from the other side.

April Anderson, co-owner of Good Cakes and Bakes in Detroit is known for her unique entrepreneurial style, strong sense of community and her delicious gooey butter cakes.
In this episode, April dishes on taking risks and why community is so important for success. But if you want to know why people can’t stop talking about her pastries you’ll have to visit her shop to find out for yourself.

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“Pop-up means you get the opportunity to occupy a space [for a set amount of time] kind of like a test market, where you can pop-up without a lot of commitment.” (9:52)

“They don’t teach community, it’s something that you want” (14:05)

“You can’t come into a community and decide what they need, you have to come into a community and find out what they want.” (16:28)

6:48 A keynote opportunity with former President Bill Clinton asked Detroit leaders to be connected with a small business entrepreneur in the city.

At 18:46 April shares her philosophy on the importance of diversity and inclusion when creating something different than what exists today.

Explore how you can pop-up in different spaces to sample markets for your product.
Ask yourself if you want to be a destination or a community spot, then behave accordingly.
A sense of community is the core of a business, products are the bonus.
The only way you have success is if everyone’s invited to the party.
You can’t succeed if you don’t try.

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PureReinvention Podcast 069

Yanni Dionisopoulos built a hip, modern club on the foundation of his family’s 45-year-old restaurant in Detroit’s Greektown by staying busy and focused on the outcome.

For more than a decade the second-generation owner/operator of the Golden Fleece Restaurant and owner/co-creator of the new EXODOS Rooftop & Lounge has been navigating the delicate balance of respecting tradition while on a mission to stay relevant and in-demand. In this episode, Yanni talks about the value of good customer service, the struggles of leading a team and how Detroit is putting its own unique stamp on today’s reinvention space.

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Learn from your everyday routines.
Explore different ways to give additional responsibilities to employees and co-workers that want to help improve outcomes.
Busy is not an excuse. There is always time to make happen what you want to happen.
Consistent deliverables and solid customer relationships are the foundation of long-term success.
Think long-term and do the work to get there.
This podcast is produced by WillPower.

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If you could build your company for scratch today, would it be the same as it’s built today? What would be different?
After speaking to the Global Tax Reporting and Compliance team at General Motors about continuous reinvention, Mike sat down with the division’s General Director, Catherine Boston. Catherine believes leaders today have to think differently to deliver value and minimize risk while empowering staff at every level.

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“Continuous reinvention is who we are now…it’s is not a project, it’s part of your day-to-day function.” (7:18)

“It’s easy to think about creativity when you’re in product design or research…but in the finance space the opportunity is just as great to do core functions in a creative, thoughtful way that’s going to deliver value.” (14:25)

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Listen at 5:30 to hear Catherine explain the term she coined to keep her team operating as a model for sustainable change within the company.
Dive deep around 10:55 as Catherine describes the push-pull relationship she has with her team in what she describes as “the core of what is expected of a professional today.”

Empowering individuals to take ownership drives greater success from the group.
Continuous reinvention is essential for personal and professional growth.
Analyze your company through the lens of a start-up. What would a they do differently?
Make the basic strategic values of your company or team open to your team.
Take advantage of the ownership you are given.

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