Have you been getting these podcasts each week and thinking, “Ok, this sounds cool…but what else is there to this PureReinvention thing?” Our last podcast of the year answers the question – what the heck is next for PureReinvention?


“There are a number of people that are looking at each other and saying, ‘What’s really new out there? What can we bring to our staff…to our organization that’s new and fresh, that’s different and meaningful?’.” (2:10)

“If you’re looking for inspiration from the City of Detroit and how its lessons can be applied to your own journey and how to integrate those lessons learned at the street level with the opportunities you have – or want to have – at an executive level, these are the experiences that will change your career.” (5:30)


Tune in at 2:35 when we talk about Starters, the program focused on individual growth and development.

Reinvention Retreats is the answer to your question about what to do with your staff retreat budget that’s new and engaging and doesn’t suck. Listen at 6:40 to hear more about our plans for this new take on corporate retreats and/or team building.

At 8:05 Mike describes why all of the offerings you can get through PureReinvention in 2016 isn’t your standard “off the shelf programming.”


1 – The PureReinvention Team is gearing up for 2016 and there will be no new podcasts in December. We will return the first Monday in January.
2 – Look for two brand new products in 2016; one that focuses on personal growth and one that takes a new spin on the corporate retreat/team building getaway.
3 – We will grow the WE.INVENT collective by creating new cohorts and building on the one we started in October 2015.
4 – We are launching a new website in January 2016, and include blogs and Blabs as new ways to interact with you.
5 – Create time in your 2016 calendar for PureReinvention. Email hello@purereinvention.com to save your date before all the good time slots are gone.


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If you are in need of a healthy dose of inspiration and motivation, give this podcast a listen straight away. Kate rejuvenates the change conversation with genuine advice and a contagious spirit for creative problem solving.

In Episode 053 Kate Snyder, owner and principal strategist at Piper & Gold Public Relations, personifies three of the Five Fundamentals of PureReinvention; Connect, Simplify and Move. Her approach to leading the communications committee at Impression 5 Science Center allows the group to be nimble and responsive. In this volunteer position she uses her passion for museums and professional knowledge to reimagine how a committee can achieve goals for its organization.

“If I can’t be all in then I’m going to politely decline being involved and I’ll save my time for something I’m passionate about.” (5:17)

“Know what you are, and what you aren’t is one of the things that has helped us be successful.” (12:40)

At 8:20 Kate diagnoses a one of the biggest barriers for many volunteer committees today and what to do about it.

Hear Kate describe how to build a committee diverse in thought and experience around 10:15 and listen for some creative ideas for identifying new volunteers.

1 – You have to be all in to truly understand the problem.
2 – Sometimes you have to “go dark” to refocus and build new momentum.
3 – Committees that are goal-driven are better positioned to help an organization move the needle in a positive direction.
4 – Connectivity takes root through conversation and clear communication.
5 – Committee work should simplify problems facing their organization and explore ways to move toward solutions.

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One of the hardest parts about change is recognizing when you fall back on old habits. Get some tips on how to avoid the same old patterns and infuse your organization with fresh ideas in this podcast.

In Episode 052, President of the Amway Hotel Corporation Rick Winn hits on some key strategies for maintaining a reinvention lifestyle. He draws on his experience as a current executive committee emeritus member at the Michigan Lodging and Tourism Association to talk about conducting a strategic plan on today’s terms and grooming young professionals for board roles and career growth.

“In order to transition anything…you need to think differently. Sometimes it’s good to bring in an objective view to offer a different way of thinking.” (6:22)

“The more information [young professionals] have, the more interested they can become.” (15:05)

At 9:15 Rick cautions against falling back into old ways after setting a new process into place.

Listen around the 13-minute mark as Rick describes what he believes are important characteristics that create growth and add a new dynamic within a board as well as in the corporate world.

1 – Map out where you want to go, plan 3-5 year objectives.
2 – Remain steadfast in working toward your goals.
3 – Build a culture where it is natural to challenge each other to not fall back into old patterns.
4 – Have an expectation that change is good.
5 – Groom future board members and build up young professionals in their career by giving them access to knowledge.

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If you’re struggling with how to influence change at the board level, or how to develop a solid board/executive relationship, you do not want to miss this episode. Get your pen and paper ready, because you’ll want to jot down some takeaways of your own.

In Episode 051, Noah Smith, board president at Impression 5 Science Center and partner at Capitol Services, gets real about board leadership and interested engagement. He has some phenomenal insight about actively supporting the work of the executive director and how a board can be most effective during a time of dramatic change.

“Let’s stop talking about ‘wouldn’t it be great if’ and let’s just start doing some of that stuff.” (10:35)

“Once you get yourself out of trouble, then you have to move on to the next phase.” (18:15)
Listen around 7:55 to Noah explain why he thinks stability in leadership, particularly at the board level, is key during big change.

At 17:40 Noah debunks the myth that a board’s role is to rubber-stamp what the executive director puts in front of them and even offers the antidote for that type of sluggish board behavior.

1 – Continuity in leadership builds the bond between individuals and opens the door for “meaty” conversations.
2 – Board dreaming and board doing are two different things. Make sure both are happening.
3 – Engaged board members will actively listen, ask questions, set goals and make sure they are supporting the executive director to own the work.
4 – A good board is more than a gateway to good contacts, a good board is focused on developing new connections and ideas.
5 – Focus on how you can best support the efforts of the organization instead of using a board and committees to supplant the work.



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PureReinvention Podcast 050

Today the Impression 5 Science Center in Lansing is recognized as a model for how to stay relevant and keep up with customers’ changing demands. But that wasn’t always the case.

In Episode 050, Erik Larson, executive director of Impression 5, talks about how he evolved from thinking the only way he or his organization could be successful was to “grind it out” to adopting a growth mindset that allowed him to strategically plan for where the organization should be in the future.

“We struggled with complacency. We got good at what we did, saw some good trends and kind of relaxed. And all of a sudden you lose your relevancy and you go into panic mode.” (4:50)

“If you’re paying attention and listening, and actually willing to hear critical feedback, you can start to build a pathway to reinvention.” (19:40)

Jump to 6:25 to hear Erik tell us why it was harder to reinvent the internal structure and processes he had in place than it was to reimagine Impression 5’s products and services.

At 13:40 Erik discusses his “monumental shift” in thinking that moved him from operating in survival mode to taking a strategic approach that has grown his business from just getting by to being a model for sustainable change.

1 – Be honest with yourself about what is working, what isn’t and what you need to let go of to move forward.
2 – Internal examination is challenging for many people, but necessary for reinvention.
3 – Create advocates out of your stakeholders. 
4 – Trust gives you the space to take risks. 
5 – During a major overhaul, it’s important to make sure you have stabilizing influences in place to keep you pointed in the direction you want to go.

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