PureReinvention Podcast 058
This is a real-life story about turning lemons into lemonade...then building a lemonade stand...and adding staff, and making a bigger, better lemonade stand that attracts an ever-growing customer base while helping people from all over in a fun and engaging way. Don't believe us? Tune in and find out!

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In this show, Tom Daldin and Jim Edelman, the creators of the PBS show UTR:Under the Radar Michigan, share the story of how they went from being out of work to creating the career of their dreams from scratch. Spoiler alert: It wasn't all smooth roads and sunny days.

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“This was the first time we said, you know what, if we’re going to keep doing the same things over and over again, we’re going to make the same mistakes.” (13:34)

“We’re doing this for ourselves now…We actually reinvented ourselves, found a way to pay our own bills and to help people help their businesses thrive.”(15:25)

At 9:15 hear why Tom says UTR is an “absolute personification” of PureReinvention. And keep listening because Tom and Jim go on to share an incredible story about the unexpected disruptions that pushed them together and let to the creation of their Emmy Award-winning show.
Jump to 26:25 to learn from Tom Daldin how to ride the wave of reinvention, stay focused and create your own brand of success; a MUST listen for those of you feeling like it’s time for a change.

Do not try this alone! Reinvention thrives when you work with others toward a common goal.
Take control of an unexpected disruption by turning it into an opportunity to analyze your next move instead of immediately jumping back into the same race.
When you find your niche, you are more willing to go the extra mile because you are committed to—and owning—the outcome.
Let the people you serve tell the story about your ideas, products and other offerings.

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Jodi Parker


PureReinvention Podcast 057

Jodi Parker got so busy doing things for others that she stopped making time for herself. Have you been there?

Jodi is a graphic design specialist at Martin Waymire, a busy mom and wife, and a Greater Lansing Area Sports Hall of Fame inductee. In this episode, Jodi talks to us about a major turning point that made her re-examine her goals and the steps she was taking (or not taking) to achieve them.

“I suddenly found that I was nowhere near where I expected to be at this point in my life.” (6:50)

“If you don’t take time you might not ever realize that there is a problem.” (9:12)

Around 8:50 Jodi shares an important reinvention lesson she learned from participating in our WE.INVENT collective. She says it makes her feel like she has her mojo back!

Don’t let those dead ends deter you. At 10:50 Jodi has some stellar advice for finding a way through when you’re doing something new and hit a wall.

1 - Give yourself permission to take time for your own personal strategic planning.
2 - Perform status checks to make sure you’re heading in the direction you want to go.
3 - Reframe how you value your time; it’s not about how long something takes, it’s more about what you get out of it.
4 - When trying to do something new, seek out new contacts that can provide different perspectives outside of your tried-and-true network.
5 - Trust in the process when faced with unknowns

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There are so many ways to connect and re-connect ideas and plans. Are you making the connections that will lead to your next growth spurt?

In this episode of the PureReinvention Podcst Rod Crittendon, executive vice president of the Michigan Floral Association shares some winning examples of how he has cultivated connections to help sustain and grow the organization.



“We started looking at different ways to keep our association alive and to keep our  members active and involved.” (6:10)


“Get involved – don’t sit in your office with the door closed. Open your door, open your phones…get out, talk to people and embrace it.” (16:40)



  • About 10 minutes in, Mike asks Rod to elaborate on the importance of having diversified revenue streams in your business./li>
  • Rod has some seasoned advice for new executives at 15:35 about how to lead strategic growth.



  1. Make sure your products and projects are creating diversified revenue that is invested back into your customer/member experience.
  2. Look for ways to stay connected to a broad scope of influences and influencers.
  3. Choose to say yes to new partnerships before you are forced to look for support.
  4. Once you understand what your marketplace is doing, respond with what your marketplace needs.
  5. When you can’t grow any further on your own, look for stakeholders that will connect you to something greater than its parts.
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PureReinvention Podcast 055
For most people, a fresh start in the new year means making a change; which usually translates to doing more. This year, instead of adding something to your to-do list, we’re challenging you NOT to do something. Actually, we want you to make an entire list of not-to-do’s. Sounds kind of liberating, doesn’t it?

In this episode, Mike and Misty give you good reasons why you should make that not-to-do list, and offer up four more doable challenges to embrace a reinvention lifestyle this year.

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P.S. After you listen to this episode, don't forget to share your reinvention mission with us.

“When we don’t know, we don’t do.” (3:38)

“If you really think about what ‘enjoy the journey’ means, I think it gives you permission to be playful.” (12:50)

Around 7:42 Mike and Misty have a great discussion about the importance of reflecting on why you make certain choices.

Fast forward to 13:25 to hear a metaphor for establishing new patterns in a story about getting a coloring book for Christmas. (Any guesses on who got the coloring book?)

1 - It’s usually our own fear of the unknown is the biggest barrier preventing you from doing something.
2 - Make a not-to-do list to remind yourself to break free of old patterns. It’s much easier to stop doing something than to add another thing to do.
3 - Choose to be enthused to try something new.
4 - Look for the lessons.
5 - Examine why you say no and what you are saying yes to instead...and be honest about it!

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