Social media has changed the game in connecting to audiences and giving individuals and organizations great opportunities to tell their stories. This offers unique opportunities for those who have a system in place to utilize these assets. John Stocki is the owner of the Stocki Exchange, a company dedicated to helping hospitality businesses with their branding and messaging. In this episode, John shares with us his tactics on using social media to test new ideas and tell his clients’ stories.

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“It is less about the what … sell experiences” (6:26)

“All the information you get through digital channels is in black and white and give a sense of trackability” (13:10)

“You have to be able to respond quickly and consistently with smaller bits of content” (14:10)


(4:55) Identify your unique offering.
(14:16) What influences disruptive nature.
(9:40) The role of failure in the reinvention process.

Tip of the week:

Use your social media channels to test new ideas. The response to these posts will provide invaluable insights to your customers’ needs and wants.

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Many organizations have been rethinking the annual report and using these traditionally mundane reports as an opportunity to tell their stories. Robin Miner-Swartz has led the charge on this and has helped non-profits and her clients to take full advantage of these valuable opportunities to explain the why.

Quote It

[10:58] “If you can be a utility player in your office, you are a really valuable person.”
[14:56] “How would you explain to your mom what you do?”
[15:31] “In reinvention we have to understand what our story is.”
[16:14] “Start with why”
Dig in

[4:40] Response to disruption and strategy to navigate your career journey
[1416] How to tell your unique story

Tip of the week

Take your annual report and other traditionally mundane documents and use it to tell your story. These reports are valuable opportunities to convey the why to your customers and stakeholders.

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Many of us have gone through the strategic planning process only to have a large document that sits on the shelf to collect dust. The PureReinvention method of strategic planning places an emphasis on simplify. Listen to Mike and Misty as they explain the one page strategic plan and learn how you can effectively implement a living document that you'll be using as a daily guide to keep you on task.

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“A strategic plan needs to be a guide for the executive or for the business to understand where it’s going.” (4:09) 


“The person who’s doing the strategic plan is the person who’s going to write the strategic plan.” (7:00)


“Where does this fall on my list of priorities?” (9:48)




  • (4:35) Start with the end in mind
  • (5:09) Identify your owners
  • (7:30) Be realistic
  • (8:42) Prioritize
  • (3:12) Display it and use it as a decision making tool

Tip of the week:

Get the one page strategic plan template on our mobile app and create your own sustainable plan.





Podcast 023: Dru Mitchell



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Even the best projects can fail because of lack of communication. This week's guest, Thomas Woiwode teaches us how to reach out to all stakeholders and adapt to meet their needs.

Thomas Woiwode is the Director of the Greenways Initiative of the Community Foundation for Southeastern Michigan. The GreenWays Initiative was developed with several years of input from more than 70 organizations and agencies, as well as the encouragement and support of a group of community leaders committed to building greenways. Recent projects include the Dequindre Cut and the Midtown Loop Greenway.

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"I think they started to get the vision and understand exactly what this could do for the community" (12:15)


"We knew that we were working on something that was truly unique and we wanted to make sure the public understood that as well"  (13:15)


"The public has to own and appreciate the value"(13:45)




  • (5:30) Nontraditional solutions require us to listen to others. Your initial approach that we know may not be correct. Enjoy and pay attention to what others are saying.
  • (7:40) What does your major asset connect to in your community?
  • (11:15) Sequential thinking helps to put individual steps into a coordinated effort.


Tip of the week:

Practice your strategic thinking. Diagram your professional or organizational assets and how are they connected. Keep this diagram as a constant reminder to keep you focused.

(Ex. the Dequindre Cut connects the riverfront to the Eastern Market and thus to the neighborhoods. The Dequindre Cut became the connector, allowing the population access to the riverfront, and its many activities and benefits.)

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