The end of September brings to an end our focus on the simplify fundamental of the PureReinvention process. We thought we would leave you with a short episode with our co-host Anita Quillen, CEO of Quillen Holdings, talking about tips she uses to simplify her management and personal life and how she balances both of them.




“Control your fear so it doesn’t consume you.” (8:18)






  • (0:28) Next generation thought for employers.
  • (8:56) The culture of growth.
  • (10:04) Use time for yourself to enhance.



Tip of the Week

Rarely can you perfectly balance work and personal obligations on any given day. One or the other demands more attention. Give yourself permission to focus on one that needs your immediate attention and then make up the other so that they even out over time.


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Melissa Butler is a dynamic person. We met her when touring Pony Ride with our spring STARTERS program. She is the founder and CEO of The Lip Bar. She was on Shark Tank and although they didn't get funded, they got tremendous exposure and Melissa had the ability to take advantage of the added interest in her product. Her marketing shatters all traditional molds for beauty products and she knows her target audience so well that she's named her and knows what she does on any given day. We got so much from Melissa that we broke the interview into two parts. The second part will be released later this fall. Both podcasts are inspiring!



“You’re not just selling products, you’re selling yourself. You’re selling a story.” (4:52)

“People don’t buy what you sell, they buy what you believe.” (10:45)



  • (4:52) Basics of brand loyalty.
  • (6:40) Craft a compelling story (The Why).
  • (14:20) How to tell the story.
  • (15:41) Build a profile of your customer.


Tip of the Week

Simplify your marketing by developing a persona of your target market. Think about that person when creating your promotional materials.


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Mark Denson, director of business attraction at the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, gives a unique perspective on Detroit's current resurgence and its roots in the planning that led to Detroit hosting the Super Bowl in 2006. Listen as Mark shares his observations of the Detroit story from his unique perspective. 


“Our problems were great and in that we needed great and creative solutions to move the city forward.” (4:53)

“Completing projects, making a difference in a visible way and creating partnerships to make these things happen.” (7:45)


(4:24) Dig out the hope factor. Sell the vision and make believers.
(7:29) Manage expectations by delivering.
(8:26) Invest in deep thought and think into the future.
(12:31) Shake the trees.
(16:31) Creating a sustainable growth cycle.

Tip of the Week

A "can do" attitude and patience can make all the difference.


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We kick off September with Anita-Marie Quillen, CEO Quillen Holdings. In this episode, Mike talks with Anita about how she uses the simplify process in PureReinvention to effectively communicate with employees.



“A thoughtful reduction to solutions.” (3:13)

“[The responsibility of a boss or leader] Continue growth from all the individuals underneath you.” (12:15)




  • (2:52) Shifting culture and measuring performance.
  • (5:17) Responding to behaviors.
  • (7:02) Transparency in communication.


Tip of the Week

Clearly communicate expectations and follow up regularly with staff.



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