The cool thing about doing a sabbatical is that it isn't just for the person to get getting time off, but it's for everyone around them who has to fill in. When you look taking a sabbatical and we decided to put one forward where people of a certain point in the organization get one month off - paid at some point in time, they become available.

Sabbaticals become available every five years. They’re based on seniority. So when I institute this, we took our most senior people and we limited them to two. We said two people can go every year.

What you find out, is other people get to step up. People who are in sort of subordinate positions have to step up into the leadership position to take on some of those tasks for a month. You begin thinking a little bit differently about what you do as an organization. Most importantly, you give leadership lessons and on the job training to people who are your future leaders in the organization.

I can tell you after doing this for six years we have seen some people graduate into those roles because they show themselves to be more than ready to take on some responsibilities that we hadn't been asking them to do. I've not heard one complaint so far. You hear people talking years out what they're going to do, and I think it's become something that helps us provide a little bit more people to get them to be happier in their work.

As organizations, we don't have unlimited resources. We have to try to find those ways in which you could fill that pot with as much good stuff as you can often make up for a salary request. We’re trying to fill that place to really walk the walk, not just talk the talk about what makes us a good organization to work for. This is something we feel really firm about.

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