Do you call your business to know what the customer is experiencing? This week's guest is all about the customer experience. Vaughn Derderian, owner of the Anchor Bar in Detroit discusses customer experience, empowering staff and vendor relationships.

Quote It

1- “When you have a staff that knows what they're supposed be doing - they know their job but when they encounter a situation that's a little bit challenging - that they don't know exactly how to handle, my job is to be there and give them the confidence to know the right answer.”  (2:48)

2 - "We took our menu and trimmed a lot of the the stuff that wasn’t really moving and focused more on providing what I call a salad -burger experience because that’s what we really do.” (12:56)

Dig In
(3:13) A shift in culture creates the opportunity for your next success.
Embrace the technology that exists today.

(4:25) Successful businesses create an authentic vibe. Create a unique
atmosphere and build your community.

(5:42) Are you attracting enough new business every month? Treat every
customer as if they are a friendship you value and your business will grow.

(11:34) Simplify: You cannot be all things to all people. Do you really know
what drives your customers to your business? Be the best at what you really
do well, your customers will notice!

Tip of the Week:
Call your business and understand the customer experience. Is that the kind
of experience you would want to have? Be the absolute best customer for your
business to evaluate the true experience.

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How much of your time are you willing to devote to exploring new ideas?

In this PureReinvention Short, Mike and Misty answer a listener question about designing a safe space to collaborate and test ideas.

Sponsored by: WillPower Consulting

“The most successful companies create space for a laboratory where you can test new ideas.” (1:25)

At 3:04 Mike explains why PureReinvention uses Detroit as its learning laboratory.

If you’re stuck putting out fires and being reactive with no time for space to plan, or think about next steps, listen in at 6:13 for some advice to break the cycle.

It’s ok to have wrong answers, but don’t be afraid to try new stuff.
Build time into your daily schedule to explore new ideas and rework old ones.
Healthy companies are building products and procedures for the future.
A strong community can help you develop and polish new possibilities.

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It's ok to not have all of the answers. And the stronger your network, the less risk there is in what you don't know.

Our podcast guest says she is all about relationships. Michelle Strasz is the director of the Capital Area College Access Network and describes herself as the bridge and translator for different groups sitting around the table. She talks to us about collaborative leadership, fresh starts and why you shouldn't resist change.

"Tension can be used for good, ultimately to get to the right outcome as an organization." (7:27)
"It's not just listenening to the words people say, it's their body language or seeing how they interact...and understanding what's the core thing driving them." (12:24)

Go to 5:51 to hear Michelle describe how to handle change without becoming paralyzed by fear or over analysis.
At 10:25 Michelle tells a story about how she identified commonalities and organizational gaps at a new job that might help you the next time you need to assess a new environment.

Change is a natural part of any process, it doesn't have to be good or bad.
Understand what is driving your decisions.
Assess the dynamics of a situation, including the different motivators at play.
Put together solutions that benefit the majority of the group.
Be the model for engaging with others.

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An organization that effectively shifts and responds to changing times is usually powered by a team of people that are motivated to make decisions that move the organization forward.

Dan Trotochaud is the president of Superior Hospitality Partners and was a long-time board member with the Michigan Lodging and Tourism Association. In this episode, Dan talks about his decades of experience hiring and training staff that take ownership of more than their day-to-day duties.

Sponsored by: MB Strategies

“If you have a staff that is all acting like the owner, and thinking like the owner, it’s easier to bring that team together to get the results you’re after.” (3:32)

“You can connect [someone] with the right people and all of a sudden that person has opportunities that are endless. The sky’s the limit.” (15:38)

Get some inspiration to update your interview style at 3:57 after listening to Dan’s philosophy on hiring staff that think like owners.

Jump to 8:07 to hear Dan’s approach to giving staff the latitude to make decisions with an owner mindset.

Employing owners begins with the hiring process.
Hire people that are passionate and curious about your organization’s purpose, and teach the necessary skills to do the job.
Don’t immediately punish a bad decision, talk about it first.

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