If used correctly, disruption at work can make the best possible impact.

In this PureReinvention Short, we answer a listener question about how big and small disruptions in work patterns can have the power to continuously reinvent your organization.

Your question could be answered next! Send us your questions about barriers to making space. In other words, we want to help you get better at hitting the pause button.

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“We have to recognize what kind of pattern we are looking for to recognize whether the pattern we have is the correct one.” (1:57)

“Instead of you becoming a disruptor, you are becoming a catalyst for other people to feed off you and create new energies that didn’t exist before.” (5:52)

If you are in a pattern that you don’t want, listen at 2:40 to hear how to disrupt it.

At 8:48 we give you a quick wrap-up of the three tips that will help you manage disruption at work.

Don’t disrupt a pattern if it’s already doing the right things.
Openly state your intention and follow through.
Be a disruptor of the simple things.

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Whitney Spotts: putting curiosity, authenticity and creativity in play


Motivation is not one size fits all, and neither are leadership skills. Our conversation today dishes out a unique perspective on how curiosity and creativity can turn unexpected outcomes into happy accidents.


Whitney Spotts, promotions coordinator at Schuler Books, hits us with important lessons in authenticity, approaching situations with a beginner’s mind and letting yourself get lost in order to find out where you’re going. That last one might sound a little cliche, but as Whitney shares in this podcast, she lost her fear of getting lost (literally and metaphorically) because she learned that by staying open to possibility she is often rewarded with learning something new or discovering a solution to a problem.


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“I am fascinated by everything... so a large part of my problem has been determining which direction to focus my energies.”(4:14)


“One thing that’s really important is maintaining your sense of authenticity. I think one of the reasons I make people so comfortable is that I’m myself no matter what.” (13:30)

(A note from the team: We were so close to making this another dig in point. If you have time, listen to this part of the interview. You won’t be disappointed!)



Listen in at 5:45 to hear a simple trick Whitney uses to shake up her routine when she feels stuck in a rut.


At 11:30 Whitney shares the one leadership skill that she applies in her day job as well as in her role as the lead singer of Starfarm, a popular 80s cover band.



Small disruptions in your day-to-day routine can shake loose new creative thought.

When you look toward the future, make sure you’re also on the lookout for different ways to get there.

Learn how to motivate others the way they need to be motivated.

Maintain your sense of authenticity.

Get lost on purpose.

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Jeanette Stawski: moving into your future space

A major hiking accident made this week’s guest analyze if she was, in her words, “unconsciously incompetent.” That self-reflection turned into devotion to lifelong learning.


Jeanette Stawski, executive director of the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE), has a unique way of applying her background in competitive sports and experience as an outdoor enthusiast to her desk job. Jeanette has a passion for lifelong learning that will inspire you to take a page out of her playbook and push beyond your comfort zone.


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“I love to put  myself in a space where I feel like I have to work a little harder to make it successful.” (5:32)


“The landscape is not perfectly clear in front of me but I believe in something, I believe in this bigger thing.” (16:59



At 9:05 Jeanette explains expedition behavior and how it can make you a better leader.


Starting at 14:35 hear Jeanette’s philosophy on how to get key players to buy in to your vision for change.



There is no endgame in lifelong learning.

Consistency is not the same as complacency.

Find out what you can do to encourage people to be more than they are.

Sometimes what’s very obvious to you isn’t obvious to everyone.

Never stop communicating the vision.

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PureReinvention Podcast 064

Detroit is moving forward and today’s podcast guest is doing his part to create more momentum for the city through one of our favorite pastimes: food and drink.

Scott Rutterbush is the owner and co-founder of Dine Drink Detroit, a movement that’s bringing attention to one of the country’s most exciting emerging restaurant cultures. He sat down with us to talk about what the restaurant industry has taught him about trying new things (not just food!) and how he finds a treasure chest of experiences by taking the time to get to know all kinds of people and places.

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