Last podcast for the year! We wanted to end 2016 talking about one of the most important aspects of professional and personal development - connecting. The PureReinvention project was born by the founders connecting and collaborating on shared interests. The fundamentals and concepts were derived from countless meetings of disrupters who needed a safe space to collaborate, dream and scheme. With this in mind, we have developed CEO forums and other connection opportunities for executives and aspiring executives to connect and collaborate. Listen to Mike talk to Julie Novak, CEO of the Michigan State Medical Society as she discusses her experience with one of these forums and how she uses the podcasts to help with professional development.

Editors note: We are taking a couple weeks off to retool and prepare for 2017. See you again on January 9, 2017!


“The value that you have to have as an organization or as an individual with a skill set has to keep evolving.” (5:03)

“Go external and connect in new and different ways.” (5:43)

“[Podcasts] It’s like having a network or having a series of coaches available to you.” (7:43)


(0:49) The power of conversation for growing professionals.
(3:09) The role of an executive coach.
(5:37) Podcasts help individuals to connect.
(8:00) The value in connecting with groups of likeminded individuals.


Plan on making your own connections. Create a support group that you meet with regularly. If you don't have one - Call us!


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2017 is fast approaching and we've asked disrupter Mindy Bradish-Orta of the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce and Experience Jackson how she prepares for the new year. There's some good tips you can utilize over the remaining weeks of 2016 to hit the ground running in January.


“[Leaders] Find safe places … to let go of pressure to be perfect” (6:25)

“Bring leadership maturity within yourself” (9:19)


(4:52) How to attain a healthy work life balance.
(6:50) The power of setting realistic expectations.
(10:23) Define oscillating lifestyle.


Take some time this holiday season to recharge and set realistic expectations for yourself and others in the coming new year.

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Inclusion is a verb. Verbs are words of action. This week's guest has dedicated her life to helping organizations practice the action of inclusion. Listen to Nikki Pardo, Owner, Global Alliance Solutions Diversity Training and Consulting as she discusses diversity and inclusion with us.


“Diversity (noun) is our differences … inclusion (verb) is nirvana.” (8:41)

“You’re one article away from being exposed.” (11:29)

“The U.S. Census is tracking that by the year 2050 there will be no majority race” (14:21)


(8:18) Define diversity and inclusion.

(13:10) A case study to learn and experience practical application of diversity and inclusion.

(14:19) The movement.

(15:04) The emerging understanding and differentiator.


Learn to be curious and connect with others who aren’t likeminded to discover the opportunities.

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This is the second of our follow ups we recorded this fall. We just couldn't get enough of Anita Quillen and thought you all would benefit from a deeper dive into her story.


“My knowledge just keep growing because I didn’t close any door.” (4:24)

“Listen to yourself so you can learn these things in time.” (6:48)

“Keep marching forward.” (8:56)


(6:07) Doing although afraid.
(7:02) Teaching others to be successful leaders.
(9:34) Overcoming barriers and obstacles.


Everyone has fear. The winners forge ahead in spite of these fears.

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For the next couple of weeks we're going to get the personal stories of two fascinating ladies. This week is a follow up to our interview with Karen Slaughter-DuPerry. Listen to her story and share with your friends to provide some motivation!


“Listen and then feedback to the person: 'I thought I heard you say.'” (4:26)
“Are you just doing something or are you solving an issue?” (8:30)
“I was the roadblock buster.” (11:02)


(4:00) Listening, a trait for successful executives.
(5:45) Spend time with a blank piece of paper to shape or transform the current entity.
(7:26) Use collaborative listening to create the vision.
(9:09) Ability to be a really good implementer.


Listen with an open mind. Preconceived ideas can interfere with an effective solution.

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100 episodes, nearly 2,300 minutes or over 38 hours of PureReinvention. What a ride! Team PureReinvention takes a few minutes to talk about the last couple of years and provides some hints of what's to come.


“There becomes the power where others are starting to initiate energy into this PureReinvention process because they now see where it connects into the value of what their journey is.” (5:40)


(3:22) The movement of PureReinvention podcasts

(6:20) Opportunities to connect with likeminded individuals

Tip of the week:

Use the PureReinvention podcasts for inspiration. Reach out to us and guests to build your network. Share your PureReinvention story with us!

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It can be a lonely place being a young disrupter. That's why its good to reach out and network with others and find a support network. Fortunately for us, Greg Rokisky, social and digital media consultant, found his way to PureReinvention (a safe harbor for disrupters) and will be spearheading our social media communities going into 2017. We think Greg's story is inspiring.


“The easiest way to sell a product or to increase your bottom line as a brand or to achieve a goal is to find likeminded individuals around you.” (7:42)

“I know I’m not alone now because there is an organization that encourages others to think how I’m thinking.” (11:49)


(6:42) How to build a community.

(14:16) How PureReinvention helps to support a community of likeminded individuals.

(18:36) Why PureReinvention.

Tip of the week:

Be open to new and possibly intimidating tools and strategies. Ensue creativity and vulnerability to fuel your next sustainable change.


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Simplification is central to the reinvention process. A major element of this simplification process is the short mission statement or a simple diagram to convey where the key stakeholders need to keep their focus. In this week's interview with Kevin Shaw, vice president of marketing with Weiland, we learn how important it is to ask the right questions and simplify wherever possible.


“Retain talent by inviting people to have a piece of the action.” (4:44)

“Solve problems before they become problems.” (16:09)


(3:27) Developing a sustainable succession plan.

(8:22) A defining moment with simplify.

(10:24) Moving quickly towards the marketplace.

Tip of the week:

Keep your mission simple. Use one a one page statement or an easy to understand diagram to convey the plan to all stakeholders.

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How does a young woman succeed in a male dominated manufacturing industry? Anita Quillen shows us how. She empowers employees, learns her audience and competitors, and doesn't back down from uncomfortable situations. Anita Quillen, president and CEO of Diversified Engineering & Plastics is truly an inspiration!


“Teach yourself to take a step back before you approach anything.” (4:28)

“You can’t control everything . . . give them the room to be successful.” (5:52)

“Providing the flexibility for real life.” (10:24)

“Learn from everything you interact with.” (16:48)


(4:11) Learn to use difficult conversations to create movement.

(5:33) Learn to be comfortable leading from the backseat.

(7:44) The power of learning your audience.

(9:34) Closing the gap with hiring the right people.

Tip of the Week:

Are you giving your people enough room to be successful? Sometimes showing flexibility will pay great dividends.


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Sometimes it's difficult for non-profits to clearly identify their customers. Failure to do so can quickly lead to irrelevance and make it impossible to get the necessary funds even for the most worthy causes. Join us for this week's episode with Ken Toll, president and CEO of the United Way of Jackson County and learn how Ken is working hard to reach out and communicate with his stakeholders.


“How do we create systems level improvements in this community?” (6:25)

“Collective impact methodology of solving problems . . . You may not know where you’re going but if you don’t take the first step you’re not going to get there.” (8:44)

“The more we talk the more our customer base grows.” (9:45)


(3:44) How to achieve community impact.

(6:45) Reinventive communication focus.

(10:48) How to balance political push and data driven decisions.

Tip of the week:

Consider the collective impact methodology of solving problems – take some small steps, do prototyping and testing, get feedback loops going and seize the opportunities from lowest first and build upon them.

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Connect is the most multifaceted fundamental in PureReinvention. This week's short follows up on Carrie Ramirez's blog on connect and provides us with some insight on how to connect people, actions and opportunities.


“See the web of connections” (5:10)

“The only way to beat your enemy is to know them so well that you can love them.” (6:13)

“I can take my skills and my strengths and maximize those and minimize my weaknesses because I’ve balanced them out with someone else who has the strengths I don’t have.” (6:54)


How we make connect our best weapon through the web of connections:

(5:29) People
(7:29) Actions
(8:44) Opportunity

Tip of the week

Do a self-evaluation before taking action. In what way will you make a difference? Who will you reach out to? What actions will you connect between you and them? What are the opportunities?

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Connectual intelligence isn't a word, but we think it should be. Monica Moser, president and CEO of Jackson Community Foundation teaches us this concept and how connecting community leaders has created a cradle to career educational model in Jackson that's being talked about across the country.


“You’re never done. When you think you’ve got something figured out and you’ve put some things into place, you realize you have to disrupt it all over again.” (3:05)

“Almost every conversation could potentially be a difficult conversation.” (5:36)

“We're building a community of leaders that trust one another. Even if it’s a hard conversation to have the conversation.” (11:16)


(3:41) Cradle to career educational model (collective impact model of systems change).

(6:03) How to prepare for disruption.

(7:26) The power of looking in the rearview mirror to celebrate success.

(12:53) Failing forward.

(17:20) Define the best unword “conceptual intelligence."


Ask yourself: How do I listen? Am I listening to understand or am I listening for what to say next?

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Move. Move. Move! That’s the mantra of one of Michigan’s prominent leaders of the manufacturing industry. Chuck Hadden, president and CEO of the Michigan Manufacturers Association embodies move. Wether encouraging staff to “go to bat” and try new ideas or his extensive travel and meeting with members across the state, Chuck teaches us how to practice the “move” fundamental of PureReinvention.

In this episode Chuck shares his enthusiasm about hitting the road and talking to his members. His stories and energy make for a great podcast.


Sponsored by:

HRM Services


“I tell everybody, I want to hit 300 ball. I want to miss twice and hit once.” (4:37)

“It’s a very competitive business and you’ve got to be out there marketing it.” (8:58)

“If you sit in your office, you’re going to read emails.”(17:00)


(4:31) Chuck talks about how important move is to a leader.

(6:03) Chuck talks about how to minimize risk when taking chances.

(8:20) Chuck talks about the need to be on the road to be the face and identity of MMA to its members.

(10:13) Chuck talks about how MMA uses member stories to be part of the association’s marketing model and how it provides value to it’s members.

(15:10) Chuck talks about how creative leadership in finding new opportunities.


Leaders must spend significant time in the field connecting to stakeholders. Set a goal of dedicating a good portion of your time to this task and stick to it.

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Inclusion is a behavior. It's more than simply inviting someone to the table. If you want buy-in and true supporters, they have to know they're genuinely part of the process. Karen Slaughter-DuPerry, project management & community relations executive of the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy teaches us how to embody this behavior through her experience with building the necessary support to make the revitalized Detroit riverfront a reality.

Sponsored by:

WillPower Consulting


“We achieved something great.” (10:24)

“Nobody was more important than anybody.” (11:28)

“The diversity is already there. You just have to respect the diversity.” (12:21)


(7:36) Building an impactful community for product development (inclusivity and ownership.)

(10:01) Get inspired by shared ownership.

(14:55) Spinning the assumingly negative to your advantage.


Consider forgoing meeting minutes (if your bylaws or governing rules permit) to encourage attendance and engagement.

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Many people have told us that PureReinvetion helps a great deal in their personal lives as well. Jodi Parker shares her personal story in this week’s episode. This is a must listen episode if you need a little inspiration to get moving in a positive direction!

Sponsored by:



“I knew I had gotten to a place where I wasn’t excited anymore.” (5:14)

“It has to first start with you.” (9:23)

“Getting on the bus.” (9:47)


(3:25) The switch turned on with WE.INVENT experience

(7:19) Inspired by the language of PureReinvention


Take the PureReinvention fundamentals and apply them to your personal life. Reach out to friends to share your situation and use them to formulate a plan and help you be accountable in your progress.

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Carrie Ramirez has learned to connect and build teams to face seemingly insurmountable tasks. By connecting and simplifying one can handle the constant changes we all face. Listen this week to how Carrie applies these principles as a senior audit manager with General Motors as well as in her personal life.


“A language coming together with what I was experiencing in my personal life and my professional life—all coming together—giving me a way to talk about it.” (5:19)

“Disruption is the opportunity step . . . creating space to go forward.” (9:46)

PureReinvention is “overwhelmingly positive when you’re ready.” (11:28)


(5:30) Application of PureReinvention fundamentals in business.
(7:15) Application of PureReinvention fundamentals in personal life.
(17:11) Approach to make major tasks more palatable.


Don't be overwhelmed by seemingly daunting tasks. Take major tasks and break them into small parts.

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Do you plan retreats for your organization? Do you find it difficult to put together inspiring programs for your team? Look no further than PureReinvention! The PureReinvention team has spent the last two years looking for inspiring people and stories from the Detroit experience to help you create a retreat that will invigorate your team. In this episode, Mike and Jodi talk to Julie Novak and Ben Louagie of the Michigan State Medical Society about their experience with a PureReinvention retreat.

Sponsored by:

WillPower Consulting


“People are doing hard things in a lot of different places and they're being very successful at it.” (8:04)

“We had an opportunity to not only learn but also experience and see things that were outside of where our normal paths would lead us.” (9:38)

“The value of it carries on long beyond the experience itself.” (13:02)

“Placing what is important ahead of what is urgent.” (19:50)


(2:44) Michigan State Medical Society's reasoning for a corporate retreat.
(5:27) The value in retreating to a unique and relevant space.
(12:06) The most dramatic return on investment for Michigan State Medical Society.


Investigate the PureReinvention corporate retreat offering. We intentionally construct an experience that will take each participant through the five fundamentals of PureReinvention using Detroit's reinvention as the learning laboratory to highlight these steps.

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Mindy is a go-getter. She gets things done. You'd think someone with this temperament wouldn't have time for other's opinions, but you'd be wrong. Collaborating and connecting are a vital part of how Mindy accomplishes things. Listen to this episode as Mike talks to Mindy about the power of connecting and collaborating in her role as President/Executive Director of the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce and Experience Jackson.

Sponsored by:

MB Strategies


“There is very little in this day and age that hasn’t already been tried. So, why not learn from the people that did it.” (6:57)

“What roadblocks . . . will I run into that I don’t even see coming?” (7:17)

“What are we not going to do?” (14:44)

“Try to use my two ears more than my one mouth.” (15:51)


(5:08) How the chamber transferred lessons learned from Midtown Detroit.
(10:00) How to measure movement.
(11:06) Barriers to movement.


Establish "check points" in your project timeline to stop and see who's still with you. If key players have dropped out, find out why and adjust your strategy.

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Jordan Skole is a marketing automation consultant and has had a great deal of experience in helping clients simplify their lives through asking the right questions. In this episode Mike talks with Jordan about his recent work with The Iron Yard's Detroit Campus training the next generation of software developers.

Sponsored by:

HRM Services



“Simplify . . . Remove a lot of the noise. Focus on the signal.” (2:37)

“The goal is to keep . . . in the struggling productively zone.” (7:27)

“Go after, seek and capture what we want to create . . .” (11:32)


The value of uncomfortable situations. (4:39)
Define the zone of struggling productively. (7:35)
How the city of Detroit connects to individuals and businesses. (9:15)


Mentors are great to bounce ideas, be honest and share emotional struggles. Use several mentors to get different perspectives, but have the courage to make your own decisions.

Mentors are great to bounce ideas, be honest and share emotional struggles. Use several mentors to get different perspectives, but have the courage to make your own decisions.

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Ever wonder why PureReinvention spends so much time in Detroit? We've spent quite a bit of time over the last two years interviewing movers and shakers from many different communities in Detroit. Detroit is the learning laboratory and shows us all the fundamentals of PureReinvention every day. Listen to Mike and Jodi talk about what Detroit means to the PureReinvention project.


“Study it [Detroit] from other people’s perspectives in the city.” (9:15)
“Openly share the bumps and bruises that they got along the way.” (9:35)
“Detroit could be the spark for others to be inspired by reinvention.” (9:49)


(3:21) How Detroit embodies the five steps of PureReinvention?
(11:49) The value of the PureReinvention experience.


Take a trip to Detroit and experience first hand reinvention in action.

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All of us have some kind of passion in us though most have that passion held back by fear. This week's guest, Karlene Belyea has many hats. She's the CEO of the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association, a motivational speaker, a consultant, and a singer in a band. Karlene looks for the passion inside people and helps to bring it out.



"I have this fire within me that wants to burn brightly and get out . . . I am going to stir things up . . . and do some new things." (6:29) 

"All great changes are preceded by chaos." (9:53)

"We aren’t responsible for our first thought but we are responsible for the second thought and what comes out of our mouth." (12:36) 


(3:39) Where reinvention starts.
(6:55) How to follow your passion and get out of your comfort zone.
(11:15) Chaos is a step into creating movement.
(12:42) Use power lead to spin negativity.


Use a "power lead" to address negativity in the workplace. Set the tone in your conversations by making positive statements to begin the conversation.

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Social media has changed the game in connecting to audiences and giving individuals and organizations great opportunities to tell their stories. This offers unique opportunities for those who have a system in place to utilize these assets. John Stocki is the owner of the Stocki Exchange, a company dedicated to helping hospitality businesses with their branding and messaging. In this episode, John shares with us his tactics on using social media to test new ideas and tell his clients’ stories.

Sponsored By:
HRM Services


“It is less about the what … sell experiences” (6:26)

“All the information you get through digital channels is in black and white and give a sense of trackability” (13:10)

“You have to be able to respond quickly and consistently with smaller bits of content” (14:10)


(4:55) Identify your unique offering.
(14:16) What influences disruptive nature.
(9:40) The role of failure in the reinvention process.

Tip of the week:

Use your social media channels to test new ideas. The response to these posts will provide invaluable insights to your customers’ needs and wants.

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Many organizations have been rethinking the annual report and using these traditionally mundane reports as an opportunity to tell their stories. Robin Miner-Swartz has led the charge on this and has helped non-profits and her clients to take full advantage of these valuable opportunities to explain the why.

Quote It

[10:58] “If you can be a utility player in your office, you are a really valuable person.”
[14:56] “How would you explain to your mom what you do?”
[15:31] “In reinvention we have to understand what our story is.”
[16:14] “Start with why”
Dig in

[4:40] Response to disruption and strategy to navigate your career journey
[1416] How to tell your unique story

Tip of the week

Take your annual report and other traditionally mundane documents and use it to tell your story. These reports are valuable opportunities to convey the why to your customers and stakeholders.

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Many of us have gone through the strategic planning process only to have a large document that sits on the shelf to collect dust. The PureReinvention method of strategic planning places an emphasis on simplify. Listen to Mike and Misty as they explain the one page strategic plan and learn how you can effectively implement a living document that you'll be using as a daily guide to keep you on task.

Sponsored by:

HRM Servives Logo - Lifted

HRM Services



“A strategic plan needs to be a guide for the executive or for the business to understand where it’s going.” (4:09) 


“The person who’s doing the strategic plan is the person who’s going to write the strategic plan.” (7:00)


“Where does this fall on my list of priorities?” (9:48)




  • (4:35) Start with the end in mind
  • (5:09) Identify your owners
  • (7:30) Be realistic
  • (8:42) Prioritize
  • (3:12) Display it and use it as a decision making tool

Tip of the week:

Get the one page strategic plan template on our mobile app and create your own sustainable plan.





Podcast 023: Dru Mitchell



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Even the best projects can fail because of lack of communication. This week's guest, Thomas Woiwode teaches us how to reach out to all stakeholders and adapt to meet their needs.

Thomas Woiwode is the Director of the Greenways Initiative of the Community Foundation for Southeastern Michigan. The GreenWays Initiative was developed with several years of input from more than 70 organizations and agencies, as well as the encouragement and support of a group of community leaders committed to building greenways. Recent projects include the Dequindre Cut and the Midtown Loop Greenway.

Sponsored by:




"I think they started to get the vision and understand exactly what this could do for the community" (12:15)


"We knew that we were working on something that was truly unique and we wanted to make sure the public understood that as well"  (13:15)


"The public has to own and appreciate the value"(13:45)




  • (5:30) Nontraditional solutions require us to listen to others. Your initial approach that we know may not be correct. Enjoy and pay attention to what others are saying.
  • (7:40) What does your major asset connect to in your community?
  • (11:15) Sequential thinking helps to put individual steps into a coordinated effort.


Tip of the week:

Practice your strategic thinking. Diagram your professional or organizational assets and how are they connected. Keep this diagram as a constant reminder to keep you focused.

(Ex. the Dequindre Cut connects the riverfront to the Eastern Market and thus to the neighborhoods. The Dequindre Cut became the connector, allowing the population access to the riverfront, and its many activities and benefits.)

Direct download: Thomas_Woiwode_Final.mp3
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Do you call your business to know what the customer is experiencing? This week's guest is all about the customer experience. Vaughn Derderian, owner of the Anchor Bar in Detroit discusses customer experience, empowering staff and vendor relationships.

Quote It

1- “When you have a staff that knows what they're supposed be doing - they know their job but when they encounter a situation that's a little bit challenging - that they don't know exactly how to handle, my job is to be there and give them the confidence to know the right answer.”  (2:48)

2 - "We took our menu and trimmed a lot of the the stuff that wasn’t really moving and focused more on providing what I call a salad -burger experience because that’s what we really do.” (12:56)

Dig In
(3:13) A shift in culture creates the opportunity for your next success.
Embrace the technology that exists today.

(4:25) Successful businesses create an authentic vibe. Create a unique
atmosphere and build your community.

(5:42) Are you attracting enough new business every month? Treat every
customer as if they are a friendship you value and your business will grow.

(11:34) Simplify: You cannot be all things to all people. Do you really know
what drives your customers to your business? Be the best at what you really
do well, your customers will notice!

Tip of the Week:
Call your business and understand the customer experience. Is that the kind
of experience you would want to have? Be the absolute best customer for your
business to evaluate the true experience.

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How much of your time are you willing to devote to exploring new ideas?

In this PureReinvention Short, Mike and Misty answer a listener question about designing a safe space to collaborate and test ideas.

Sponsored by: WillPower Consulting

“The most successful companies create space for a laboratory where you can test new ideas.” (1:25)

At 3:04 Mike explains why PureReinvention uses Detroit as its learning laboratory.

If you’re stuck putting out fires and being reactive with no time for space to plan, or think about next steps, listen in at 6:13 for some advice to break the cycle.

It’s ok to have wrong answers, but don’t be afraid to try new stuff.
Build time into your daily schedule to explore new ideas and rework old ones.
Healthy companies are building products and procedures for the future.
A strong community can help you develop and polish new possibilities.

Direct download: Short_Testing_Ideas_Final.mp3
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It's ok to not have all of the answers. And the stronger your network, the less risk there is in what you don't know.

Our podcast guest says she is all about relationships. Michelle Strasz is the director of the Capital Area College Access Network and describes herself as the bridge and translator for different groups sitting around the table. She talks to us about collaborative leadership, fresh starts and why you shouldn't resist change.

"Tension can be used for good, ultimately to get to the right outcome as an organization." (7:27)
"It's not just listenening to the words people say, it's their body language or seeing how they interact...and understanding what's the core thing driving them." (12:24)

Go to 5:51 to hear Michelle describe how to handle change without becoming paralyzed by fear or over analysis.
At 10:25 Michelle tells a story about how she identified commonalities and organizational gaps at a new job that might help you the next time you need to assess a new environment.

Change is a natural part of any process, it doesn't have to be good or bad.
Understand what is driving your decisions.
Assess the dynamics of a situation, including the different motivators at play.
Put together solutions that benefit the majority of the group.
Be the model for engaging with others.

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An organization that effectively shifts and responds to changing times is usually powered by a team of people that are motivated to make decisions that move the organization forward.

Dan Trotochaud is the president of Superior Hospitality Partners and was a long-time board member with the Michigan Lodging and Tourism Association. In this episode, Dan talks about his decades of experience hiring and training staff that take ownership of more than their day-to-day duties.

Sponsored by: MB Strategies

“If you have a staff that is all acting like the owner, and thinking like the owner, it’s easier to bring that team together to get the results you’re after.” (3:32)

“You can connect [someone] with the right people and all of a sudden that person has opportunities that are endless. The sky’s the limit.” (15:38)

Get some inspiration to update your interview style at 3:57 after listening to Dan’s philosophy on hiring staff that think like owners.

Jump to 8:07 to hear Dan’s approach to giving staff the latitude to make decisions with an owner mindset.

Employing owners begins with the hiring process.
Hire people that are passionate and curious about your organization’s purpose, and teach the necessary skills to do the job.
Don’t immediately punish a bad decision, talk about it first.

Direct download: Dan_Trotochaud_Final.mp3
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Sponsored by: WillPower Consulting


“We encouraged people not to worry about borders and boundaries, and taking chances to maybe cross-promote with another community.” (4:37)


“I need to take care of myself, and keep myself motivated. I do that by getting out into the industry as much as I can and be engaged with the industry as much as I can.”  (11:49)


Get Dave’s perspective on the importance of branding and how it can make or break your product at 7:39.


Hear a great story around 14:26 about a time recently when Dave witnessed a group of people visiting Detroit for the first time, their reaction and what that meant to him.


Nurture a supportive culture for a high-functioning team.
Engage with others in your industry to check the pulse of what’s happening and what’s hot.
Your brand is about the emotional connection people have with the idea of your company or organization.
Let the data redirect your approach at every move.
There’s an entrepreneurial spirit in Detroit that is evident everywhere from the local shops to the big businesses.
Direct download: Dave_Lorenz_Final.mp3
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Pat Gillespie is the chief visionary, founder and president of Gillespie Group. Under his leadership, Gillespie Group has been at the forefront of development and property management, and is recognized as a driving force for progress.


Whether Pat’s transforming blighted landscapes into in-demand urban living spaces, finding creative funding solutions or working with businesses to attract new talent, he’s always focused on finding solutions to other people’s problems.


Sponsored by: HRM Services


“Every part is a building block...I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing now if I didn’t have mistakes and successes.” (5:50)


“It’s not about going out and preaching, it’s about saying ‘what do you envision for our community?’” (12:44)


At 8:33 Pat describes one of his key strategies to reinventing the real estate development space, and it’s an approach that can be applied to many other industries.


Jump to 11:12 to hear Pat’s expert advice on how to work with people who resist change.


Communicating is about listening.
Get buy in by pointing back to your mission.
If you’re part of the problem, do something about it.
Channel success by staying connected to what’s going on outside of your business.
Making mistakes is part of finding solutions.
Direct download: Pat_Gillespie_Final.mp3
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In this PureReinvention Short, we answer a listener question that asked us where we go for new ideas.

Sponsored by: WillPower

“The key here is to pay attention to what captures your attention.” (1:15)

“I don’t go there seeking something specific out, I just go there seeking.” (3:28)

At 2:01 Mike tells you the one thing you have to do if you want a different outcome.

Fight the urge to stay inside your known networks when looking for something new.
There’s a big difference between seeking something specific and seeking something.
Keep a swipe file of ideas even if you don’t know when (or if) they will come in handy.


Mashable is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.

Mic was founded in 2011 by Chris Altchek and Jake Horowitz under the shared belief that millennials are inquisitive, have a healthy skepticism for conventional wisdom, and crave substantive news to spark interesting conversations.

Medium connects you with voices and perspectives that matter. It is your daily news reimagined, straight from the people who are making and living it. Discover and follow your favorite writers and the stories that matter to you, every day.


Direct download: Ep_074_Sonya_R_Question_Short_Final.mp3
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Everyone struggles from time to time with the little voice inside their head that says “what if…?” What if you fail? What if you really mess things up? What if you don’t?


Self-proclaimed people connector and owner of Detroit’s Firebird Tavern, Tony Piraino is no stranger to that little voice. But he has another question for you: Does a pylon stop traffic or do you drive around it? In this episode Tony talks about taking calculated risks and doing little things every day to evolve and stay connected to your customers.


Sponsored by: Detroit Experience Factory



“The act of going after it and failing and the act of not doing anything are two dramatically different things.” (2:44)


“You’ve gotta talk yourself into change a little bit, and it doesn’t come easy for me exactly, but when you look at the big picture you have to do it.” (7:20)



Tony offers up some unconventional advice about evolving your brand at the 7:50 mark.


Starting at 13:10 Tony tells a story about a simple business decision that led to attracting lifelong customers and why those customers stick around as Detroit evolves and grows.



A disruption in your normal routine can be a fortuitous bounce to your next big thing.

Bad circumstances can be transformed into a lucky break if you pause and look for opportunity in the commotion.

The right time to look for your next product or service is when your current offerings are doing well.

If you’re doing work you love, you’re more likely to figure out how to keep moving ahead in the face of adversity.

Direct download: 073_Tony_Piraino_Final__.mp3
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Episode 072 - Yodit Mesfin Johnson - courageous conversations

In recent episodes, making space for what’s meaningful has been an emerging theme. This interview with Yodit Mesfin Johnson follows a similar track, but brings a whole new perspective to the conversation.

As COO of Nonprofit Enterprise at Work and Founder of Lips and Hips, Yodit finds wealth in her connections. In this episode, Yodit shares her views on rising to new challenges, the problem with equity and why connection is her super power.

“As life happens, sometimes we distance ourselves...shame fear, doubt, insecurity shows up and you sort of retreat, right? Maybe you don’t have that village or connectedness. It’s been my life’s journey to stay connected.” (8:08)

See the humanity in people, not their pedigree.

At 6:20 Yodit lays down a challenge for all of our listeners. Will you accept?

Jump to 10:12 for Yodit’s view on the difference between being an ally and being an accomplice for change.

A change-driven lifestyle presses on the edges of your comfort zone.
Move the needle by getting to the heart of a matter.
Shift the culture by shifting people.
Staying connected creates a community that you can draw on for support and insight.
You have to recognize something is broken before you can fix it.

Daniel Pollatta: The Way We think About Charity is Dead Wrong
Seth Godin Blog: More Powerful than You Know

Direct download: Yodit_Johnson_Final.mp3
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In this PureReinvention Short, we answer a listener question about how to make more time for personal and professional development.

Your question could be answered next! Send us your questions about barriers to making space. In other words, we want to help you get better at hitting the pause button.

Email your question to or leave it as a message on our reinvention hotline, 989-249-3885.

Sponsored by: Reinvention Retreats

“This is one of those things that you need to make a priority and choose to invest time and money into. Once it’s there, you can take it wherever you go.” (2:08)

“Is it possible that people don’t value the investment they are making because it’s too closely aligned with what they already know?” (5:15)

Around 2:30 Mike tells a story about what made him change the way he approached professional development.

At 8:00 Misty and Mike wrap-up their answer with a quick review of their tips on how to make time for professional development.

Professional development is an investment you can take wherever you go.
Look outside of your industry for new learning opportunities.
Find ways to expose yourself to new ideas and connect them to the work you do.

Will’s Blog: 3 Roadblocks that Keep Us from Making Space
How to download our mobile app to get the free worksheet that will help you identify new sources of professional development.

Direct download: Ep-71_Amy_Sorenson_Question_Making_Space_Final.mp3
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Are you wondering what it would be like to take a leap of faith to pursue a dream? This week’s guest jumped into the unknown and has some words of advice from the other side.

April Anderson, co-owner of Good Cakes and Bakes in Detroit is known for her unique entrepreneurial style, strong sense of community and her delicious gooey butter cakes.
In this episode, April dishes on taking risks and why community is so important for success. But if you want to know why people can’t stop talking about her pastries you’ll have to visit her shop to find out for yourself.

Sponsored by: Detroit Experience Factory

“Pop-up means you get the opportunity to occupy a space [for a set amount of time] kind of like a test market, where you can pop-up without a lot of commitment.” (9:52)

“They don’t teach community, it’s something that you want” (14:05)

“You can’t come into a community and decide what they need, you have to come into a community and find out what they want.” (16:28)

6:48 A keynote opportunity with former President Bill Clinton asked Detroit leaders to be connected with a small business entrepreneur in the city.

At 18:46 April shares her philosophy on the importance of diversity and inclusion when creating something different than what exists today.

Explore how you can pop-up in different spaces to sample markets for your product.
Ask yourself if you want to be a destination or a community spot, then behave accordingly.
A sense of community is the core of a business, products are the bonus.
The only way you have success is if everyone’s invited to the party.
You can’t succeed if you don’t try.

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PureReinvention Podcast 069

Yanni Dionisopoulos built a hip, modern club on the foundation of his family’s 45-year-old restaurant in Detroit’s Greektown by staying busy and focused on the outcome.

For more than a decade the second-generation owner/operator of the Golden Fleece Restaurant and owner/co-creator of the new EXODOS Rooftop & Lounge has been navigating the delicate balance of respecting tradition while on a mission to stay relevant and in-demand. In this episode, Yanni talks about the value of good customer service, the struggles of leading a team and how Detroit is putting its own unique stamp on today’s reinvention space.

Thanks to our episode sponsors
MB Strategies
Detroit Experience Factory

Learn from your everyday routines.
Explore different ways to give additional responsibilities to employees and co-workers that want to help improve outcomes.
Busy is not an excuse. There is always time to make happen what you want to happen.
Consistent deliverables and solid customer relationships are the foundation of long-term success.
Think long-term and do the work to get there.
This podcast is produced by WillPower.

Direct download: Yanni_Dionisopoulos_Final.mp3
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If you could build your company for scratch today, would it be the same as it’s built today? What would be different?
After speaking to the Global Tax Reporting and Compliance team at General Motors about continuous reinvention, Mike sat down with the division’s General Director, Catherine Boston. Catherine believes leaders today have to think differently to deliver value and minimize risk while empowering staff at every level.

Sponsored by: Purereinvention STARTERS

“Continuous reinvention is who we are now…it’s is not a project, it’s part of your day-to-day function.” (7:18)

“It’s easy to think about creativity when you’re in product design or research…but in the finance space the opportunity is just as great to do core functions in a creative, thoughtful way that’s going to deliver value.” (14:25)

Tweet: Continuous #reinvention is who we are now. It’s is not a project, it’s part of your day-to-day function via @PureReinvention

Listen at 5:30 to hear Catherine explain the term she coined to keep her team operating as a model for sustainable change within the company.
Dive deep around 10:55 as Catherine describes the push-pull relationship she has with her team in what she describes as “the core of what is expected of a professional today.”

Empowering individuals to take ownership drives greater success from the group.
Continuous reinvention is essential for personal and professional growth.
Analyze your company through the lens of a start-up. What would a they do differently?
Make the basic strategic values of your company or team open to your team.
Take advantage of the ownership you are given.

Direct download: Catherine_Boston_Final.mp3
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If used correctly, disruption at work can make the best possible impact.

In this PureReinvention Short, we answer a listener question about how big and small disruptions in work patterns can have the power to continuously reinvent your organization.

Your question could be answered next! Send us your questions about barriers to making space. In other words, we want to help you get better at hitting the pause button.

Email your question to or leave it as a message on our reinvention hotline, 989-249-3885.

PS - You can ask us other questions, too! It might be the topic of a future PureReinvention Short episode. Even if we don’t use your question on the podcast, we will personally get back to you with some tips to help you successfully navigate the problem.

Sponsored by: PureReinvention STARTERS

“We have to recognize what kind of pattern we are looking for to recognize whether the pattern we have is the correct one.” (1:57)

“Instead of you becoming a disruptor, you are becoming a catalyst for other people to feed off you and create new energies that didn’t exist before.” (5:52)

If you are in a pattern that you don’t want, listen at 2:40 to hear how to disrupt it.

At 8:48 we give you a quick wrap-up of the three tips that will help you manage disruption at work.

Don’t disrupt a pattern if it’s already doing the right things.
Openly state your intention and follow through.
Be a disruptor of the simple things.

Direct download: Episode_67_Purposeful_Disruption_Final.mp3
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Whitney Spotts: putting curiosity, authenticity and creativity in play


Motivation is not one size fits all, and neither are leadership skills. Our conversation today dishes out a unique perspective on how curiosity and creativity can turn unexpected outcomes into happy accidents.


Whitney Spotts, promotions coordinator at Schuler Books, hits us with important lessons in authenticity, approaching situations with a beginner’s mind and letting yourself get lost in order to find out where you’re going. That last one might sound a little cliche, but as Whitney shares in this podcast, she lost her fear of getting lost (literally and metaphorically) because she learned that by staying open to possibility she is often rewarded with learning something new or discovering a solution to a problem.


Sponsored by: PureReinvention STARTERS



“I am fascinated by everything... so a large part of my problem has been determining which direction to focus my energies.”(4:14)


“One thing that’s really important is maintaining your sense of authenticity. I think one of the reasons I make people so comfortable is that I’m myself no matter what.” (13:30)

(A note from the team: We were so close to making this another dig in point. If you have time, listen to this part of the interview. You won’t be disappointed!)



Listen in at 5:45 to hear a simple trick Whitney uses to shake up her routine when she feels stuck in a rut.


At 11:30 Whitney shares the one leadership skill that she applies in her day job as well as in her role as the lead singer of Starfarm, a popular 80s cover band.



Small disruptions in your day-to-day routine can shake loose new creative thought.

When you look toward the future, make sure you’re also on the lookout for different ways to get there.

Learn how to motivate others the way they need to be motivated.

Maintain your sense of authenticity.

Get lost on purpose.

Direct download: Whitney_Spotts_Final.mp3
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Jeanette Stawski: moving into your future space

A major hiking accident made this week’s guest analyze if she was, in her words, “unconsciously incompetent.” That self-reflection turned into devotion to lifelong learning.


Jeanette Stawski, executive director of the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE), has a unique way of applying her background in competitive sports and experience as an outdoor enthusiast to her desk job. Jeanette has a passion for lifelong learning that will inspire you to take a page out of her playbook and push beyond your comfort zone.


Sponsored by: PureReinvention STARTERS



“I love to put  myself in a space where I feel like I have to work a little harder to make it successful.” (5:32)


“The landscape is not perfectly clear in front of me but I believe in something, I believe in this bigger thing.” (16:59



At 9:05 Jeanette explains expedition behavior and how it can make you a better leader.


Starting at 14:35 hear Jeanette’s philosophy on how to get key players to buy in to your vision for change.



There is no endgame in lifelong learning.

Consistency is not the same as complacency.

Find out what you can do to encourage people to be more than they are.

Sometimes what’s very obvious to you isn’t obvious to everyone.

Never stop communicating the vision.

Direct download: Jeannette_Stawski_Final.mp3
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PureReinvention Podcast 064

Detroit is moving forward and today’s podcast guest is doing his part to create more momentum for the city through one of our favorite pastimes: food and drink.

Scott Rutterbush is the owner and co-founder of Dine Drink Detroit, a movement that’s bringing attention to one of the country’s most exciting emerging restaurant cultures. He sat down with us to talk about what the restaurant industry has taught him about trying new things (not just food!) and how he finds a treasure chest of experiences by taking the time to get to know all kinds of people and places.

Direct download: Scott_Rutterbush_Final.mp3
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April Boyle: activate ideas to (re)build a community


April Boyle found a gap in Detroit’s local entrepreneurial market and filled it. Now she’s making an impact on the city’s comeback by helping people turn their business ideas into reality.


April Boyle, executive director at Detroit’s Build Institute and her team have graduated over 700 aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs, many of whom have gone on to start successful businesses in Detroit.


Sponsored by: Detroit Experience Factory



“When you’re leading an organization in a city with as many challenges as Detroit has...every day I am out of my comfort zone.” (5:40)


“A disruptor sees things aren’t working and they try to solve the problem.” (10:28)



Go to 7:25 to learn about April’s process for making sure Build Institute reflects the local Detroit community it is intended to serve. Her approach is so simple and so effective.


At 12:05 April goes on to describe an emerging trend that is really important in the reinvention space.



It takes a community to activate ideas and build a successful business.

Disruption is a solution, not a problem.

A meaningful venture connects resources, ideas and information to an audience in need.

The pop-up culture is a low-risk testing ground for innovators and entrepreneurs to try out new or reinvented products and services.

Success looks different for different people

Direct download: Ep_63_April_Boyle_Final_.mp3
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Marlowe Stoudamire created a project in Detroit, for Detroit, that has piqued the interest of a much broader audience.

In this episode, listen to the Founder and Chief Engagement Strategist of Butterfly Effect Detroit tell the story of why he transitioned from a high-paying corporate job to a social catalyst that activates forward movement in the City of Detroit. Marlowe is out to change the future of Detroit by making a difference today.



“Real change happens when you get everyone moving in the same direction, mobilizing them.” (5:02)

“It’s not always a rosy picture, but that doesn’t mean we stop trying, that doesn’t mean we stop working together. The momentum is important.” (13:30)


Jump to 7:56 to hear Marlowe describe a very personal metamorphosis that led him to realize that he wanted more meaning behind his work.
At 11:18 Marlow talks about his involvement with the Detroit Historical Society’s project, Detroit 1967: Looking Back to Move Forward (, an initiative to transform the culture in Detroit today to shape its future.


Invite your customers to listen, be heard. participate and take action.
There’s no value in having knowledge without sharing it.
Offer multiple opportunities for your audience to participate with your organization.
Build for the future.
Put yourself in situations that force you to collide with different people and ways of thinking.

Direct download: Marlowe_Stoudamire_Final.mp3
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PureReinvention Podcast 061

Surprise and delight. A tried-and-true method for keeping your target audience interested in what you have to offer. This podcast guest has weaved that thought process through a 65-plus-year-old family business to keep his customers coming back for more.

Business owner, author and speaker Phil Wrzesinski is the president and CEO of The Toy House, a business started by his grandparents in 1949. In this episode, Phil talks about how he is learning to compete with big-box businesses including online retailers and why team buy-in is so important when executing a vision.

“I have the ability to take hard concepts and make them easy.” (4:35)

“If you really want to get your customers to come have to give [them] a little more over the top of what they expected.”  (10:05) 


  • At 8:05 as Phil describes the unique value his company adds to the marketplace that makes it stand out against his competitors. As you listen, think about what your company does that differs from the competition and why. 
  • Make sure you catch Phil’s philosophy on getting team buy-in at 11:00. What he says reminds us of one of our favorite bits of advice; begin with the end in mind. 


  1. To find your unique value proposition, look for your wow factor. 
  2. Do what you think you do well, better. 
  3. Customers want curated options tailored to their needs. 
  4. Allow disruption to give you the space to take ownership of a problem. 
  5. Nurture and celebrate your team members' personality traits that sustain, or even better, enhance the company’s unique value proposition. 
  6. Make your company memorable and share-worthy by giving customers more than they expect.
Direct download: Phil_Wrzesinski_Final.mp3
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Phil Knight: moving your mission forward every day

What did you do today to move your mission forward? This week’s guest says asking yourself that question every day is key to reinvention.

Dr. Phil Knight, executive director of the Food Bank Council of Michigan, is on a mission to look at hunger in a different way. He is taking a culture-driven approach to reframe the solution to an age-old problem; curing hunger. What he shares in this episode can be applied to any industry that needs a new way to to solve an old problem.

Sponsored by: HRM Services

“Failure is an opportunity to start over more intelligently.” (7:55)

“It has to be about creating opportunities - getting better at what we do - so when we win, [our customers] win.” (9:40)

At 14:18 Dr. Knight expands on how the Food Bank Council is applying the first three fundamentals of PureReinvention to accomplish its mission.

Listen at 17:15 for more on how Dr. Knight is working to intentionally lead a positive, mission-driven culture that he hopes will outlast his tenure with the organization.

Failure is part of the job.
An organization’s culture is a strong force that needs to be managed delicately.
Identify natural partners by asking, “Who wins when we win?”
Keep your principles in front of you.
Reach for a higher level of excellence.

Direct download: Phil_Knight_Final.mp3
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Back for more? We don't blame you! These guys have so much insight bundled into their quips, jokes and great stories we could hardly wait to bring you part two. There is so much good stuff in this episode!

“I’ve worked harder and more on this show in the last five years than on any other job I've had, but I’ve never been more satisfied by the work that I do.”
-Jim Daldin

In part two of our interview with Tom and Jim, the creators of the PBS show UTR:Under the Radar Michigan, you'll get to hear their perspective on the major growth and innovation happening in Detroit, why learning never ends and how community is the real secret to success.

“’s by making them part of the process. We get some of our best, most creative ideas for segments from our viewers.” (10:10)

“When I was an intern in radio, my philosophy was just keep your mouth shut, learn as much as you can and if they ask you if you can do something say, ‘yes I can do it’ and figure it out. Don’t be afraid to fail.” (21:40)

Tune in at 6:20 to hear Jim describe how UTR Michigan has explored different avenues to expand the way they share stories and what they’ve learned along the way.
Hit the 16:00 mark to hear Tom explain why he believes so strongly in the power of the group for brainstorming and coming up with out-of-the-box ideas. (If there ever was a box in the first place).

The pace of change is happening faster and faster.
Put yourself out there - even when it feels like you’re too busy grinding through the day to day - make change by being the change.
Intentionally reform your old habits for doing business that are no longer serving the best interests of your organization.
Engage your customers/members by allowing them to be part of the process to create something new.
Keep a running idea list so you can revisit it and unlock new connections.

Direct download: Under_The_Radar_Ep_2_Final.mp3
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PureReinvention Podcast 058
This is a real-life story about turning lemons into lemonade...then building a lemonade stand...and adding staff, and making a bigger, better lemonade stand that attracts an ever-growing customer base while helping people from all over in a fun and engaging way. Don't believe us? Tune in and find out!

Listen to our latest episode now.

In this show, Tom Daldin and Jim Edelman, the creators of the PBS show UTR:Under the Radar Michigan, share the story of how they went from being out of work to creating the career of their dreams from scratch. Spoiler alert: It wasn't all smooth roads and sunny days.

Thanks to our episode sponsor
MB Strategies
“This was the first time we said, you know what, if we’re going to keep doing the same things over and over again, we’re going to make the same mistakes.” (13:34)

“We’re doing this for ourselves now…We actually reinvented ourselves, found a way to pay our own bills and to help people help their businesses thrive.”(15:25)

At 9:15 hear why Tom says UTR is an “absolute personification” of PureReinvention. And keep listening because Tom and Jim go on to share an incredible story about the unexpected disruptions that pushed them together and let to the creation of their Emmy Award-winning show.
Jump to 26:25 to learn from Tom Daldin how to ride the wave of reinvention, stay focused and create your own brand of success; a MUST listen for those of you feeling like it’s time for a change.

Do not try this alone! Reinvention thrives when you work with others toward a common goal.
Take control of an unexpected disruption by turning it into an opportunity to analyze your next move instead of immediately jumping back into the same race.
When you find your niche, you are more willing to go the extra mile because you are committed to—and owning—the outcome.
Let the people you serve tell the story about your ideas, products and other offerings.

Direct download: Under_the_Radar_EP1_Final.mp3
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Jodi Parker


PureReinvention Podcast 057

Jodi Parker got so busy doing things for others that she stopped making time for herself. Have you been there?

Jodi is a graphic design specialist at Martin Waymire, a busy mom and wife, and a Greater Lansing Area Sports Hall of Fame inductee. In this episode, Jodi talks to us about a major turning point that made her re-examine her goals and the steps she was taking (or not taking) to achieve them.

“I suddenly found that I was nowhere near where I expected to be at this point in my life.” (6:50)

“If you don’t take time you might not ever realize that there is a problem.” (9:12)

Around 8:50 Jodi shares an important reinvention lesson she learned from participating in our WE.INVENT collective. She says it makes her feel like she has her mojo back!

Don’t let those dead ends deter you. At 10:50 Jodi has some stellar advice for finding a way through when you’re doing something new and hit a wall.

1 - Give yourself permission to take time for your own personal strategic planning.
2 - Perform status checks to make sure you’re heading in the direction you want to go.
3 - Reframe how you value your time; it’s not about how long something takes, it’s more about what you get out of it.
4 - When trying to do something new, seek out new contacts that can provide different perspectives outside of your tried-and-true network.
5 - Trust in the process when faced with unknowns

Direct download: Ep57_-_Jodi_Parker_Final.mp3
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There are so many ways to connect and re-connect ideas and plans. Are you making the connections that will lead to your next growth spurt?

In this episode of the PureReinvention Podcst Rod Crittendon, executive vice president of the Michigan Floral Association shares some winning examples of how he has cultivated connections to help sustain and grow the organization.



“We started looking at different ways to keep our association alive and to keep our  members active and involved.” (6:10)


“Get involved – don’t sit in your office with the door closed. Open your door, open your phones…get out, talk to people and embrace it.” (16:40)



  • About 10 minutes in, Mike asks Rod to elaborate on the importance of having diversified revenue streams in your business./li>
  • Rod has some seasoned advice for new executives at 15:35 about how to lead strategic growth.



  1. Make sure your products and projects are creating diversified revenue that is invested back into your customer/member experience.
  2. Look for ways to stay connected to a broad scope of influences and influencers.
  3. Choose to say yes to new partnerships before you are forced to look for support.
  4. Once you understand what your marketplace is doing, respond with what your marketplace needs.
  5. When you can’t grow any further on your own, look for stakeholders that will connect you to something greater than its parts.
Direct download: Rod_Crittenden_Final_-_1-9-16_7.07_PM.mp3
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PureReinvention Podcast 055
For most people, a fresh start in the new year means making a change; which usually translates to doing more. This year, instead of adding something to your to-do list, we’re challenging you NOT to do something. Actually, we want you to make an entire list of not-to-do’s. Sounds kind of liberating, doesn’t it?

In this episode, Mike and Misty give you good reasons why you should make that not-to-do list, and offer up four more doable challenges to embrace a reinvention lifestyle this year.

Listen to our latest episode now.

P.S. After you listen to this episode, don't forget to share your reinvention mission with us.

“When we don’t know, we don’t do.” (3:38)

“If you really think about what ‘enjoy the journey’ means, I think it gives you permission to be playful.” (12:50)

Around 7:42 Mike and Misty have a great discussion about the importance of reflecting on why you make certain choices.

Fast forward to 13:25 to hear a metaphor for establishing new patterns in a story about getting a coloring book for Christmas. (Any guesses on who got the coloring book?)

1 - It’s usually our own fear of the unknown is the biggest barrier preventing you from doing something.
2 - Make a not-to-do list to remind yourself to break free of old patterns. It’s much easier to stop doing something than to add another thing to do.
3 - Choose to be enthused to try something new.
4 - Look for the lessons.
5 - Examine why you say no and what you are saying yes to instead...and be honest about it!

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