Are you wondering what this PureReinvention thing is all about? In this episode, Mike Bills, principal of MB Strategies and founder of the PureReinvention Project, offers some background on how PureReinvention got started and looks ahead to what you can expect in 2015.


"We want to build this community of individuals who are using PureReinvention as a resource. A group of people who are willing to share and want to learn from each other." (1:07) 

"While we may be saying today, "this is what we know," you have to remember we will learn new things tomorrow. That's the really cool part about PureReinvention, it's an ongoing, ever-changing very dynamic process." (4:42) 



How was PureReinvention created? At 5:48 Mike tells you how needs and insights from different industries collided to form a model for the reinvention process. 



1 – PureReinvention is about collaboration and sharing stories about the ongoing reinvention process. 

2 – Look for the PureReinvention Position Paper by the end of the month. This paper will outline the fundamental five steps in the PureReinvention process and be available to you for free. 

3- PureReinvention has many applications to different types of people: 

• Board Members - PureReinvention requires active participation, ownership and leadership at the Board level.  There is a difference in Board roles and their leadership in the responsibilities and execution of this process. 

• CEO – Responsible for driving the process. 

• Employees - Have a huge stake in the outcome and must have ownership in the process. 

• Member/Owner – Are the beneficiaries of reinvention, and should have the most vested position of all. Input must be continuously sought from this group must express their needs to make the process work. 

4 – Association chief staff executives (CSEs) will have the opportunity to engage in PureReinvention at the Michigan Society of Association Executives' ORGPRO conference in June. Plus, you can catch us in Detroit for the American Society of Association Executives Annual Meeting in August.

5 – Your input, comments and questions are what make PureReinvention possible! Connect with us and tell us know what you want to know about.

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