In this episode, Mike Bills, Owner and CEO of MB Strategies - ( talks with Sonya Robinson, Coordinator, Bureau Services, Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau about the importance of listening and spending the time to understand the needs of your stakeholders.

1. Diversity is the opportunity to create a unique combination of elements that no one can compete with.

2. Its important to identify sources of passion when making initial assessments.
3. Ownership is essential to starting the process.

Next episode: November 3rd, 2014, Mike MacLaren, Executive Director, Michigan Press Association

Produced by: Will Carlson, WillPower Consulting ( 

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Pureinvention Podcast - Episode 1 (October 6, 2014)


Interview with Larry Alexander, President and CEO, Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau -(


In this episode, host Mike Bills, owner and CEO of MB Strategies -(, talks with Larry Alexander of the Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau about what the City of Detroit has done to position itself as the national leader in reinvention.  



Main Take-Aways:


  1. The Bankruptcy process in Detroit signaled the bottom so that people knew it was the end of the backslide.  It sent a signal that things are moving forward and up.
  2. Embracing diversity by behavior, not by words, allow an organization to take advantage of all of its unique contributions that we have historically not taken into account.
  3. Consensus through diversity rewrites the management books on how we create consensus leadership.
  4. The City of Detroit is teaching us new and innovative ways at approaching reinvention.


Next episode:  October 20-  Sonya Robinson, Coordinator, Bureau Services, Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau.  Host Mike Bills talks with a key Detroit CVB staff member, Sonya Robinson about the importance of buy-in at all levels in the reinvention process.



Produced by:  Will Carlson, Carlson Consulting (


A brief introduction to the Pure Reinvention Project by Mike Bills, Principal, MB Strategies.

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