My journey is not a fairytale journey, I think by any means. And I think that's where my kind of explains to you somewhere I guess I saw some things, and I wanted to do some things differently.


But most of that started with me. Because at that point in time in my life I started saying so what's in it for me what's in it for Chrissy. So what's the next step, right? So I got my degree. I'm ready to go like I want to be a director. I want to be a VP -  let's let's do it!


But that didn't come. And so I remember sitting there and I asked for promotions. I wrote really great letters that said why I should have been promoted. All of which got turned down by the CEO who just left - who is like my dad to me- an amazing man who really helped to build the character and me to help me transition into the CEO role.


But he turned me down many, many times and I remember walking out of his office going back. I felt like  I know nothing and I don't know what he's talking about.  I certainly deserve to be promoted. This is the next step.


I remember one day I came home and I was talking to my husband. I said  "I just don't get it. I love the credit union. I absolutely am in love with the industry and what the Credit Union Industry stands for. I love the people I work with, but it's just not fitting, I am I missing something.


That's when I kind of (figuratively) got smacked in the face by my husband (he's very good to me) and he said, and it was it was you - it's you, Chrissy. You're the problem. You're always looking for that self serving purpose. You're looking for the what's in it for Chrissy and what's next for Chrissy. You're not thinking about how do you go into that place every day and serve to exist or exist to serve others? And i remember going, oh my gosh, like that's the point that I'm missing, I'm in a service industry, but I'm meant to be a servant to the people that I'm working with and working for and the people that I was leading at that time.

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