Do you call your business to know what the customer is experiencing? This week's guest is all about the customer experience. Vaughn Derderian, owner of the Anchor Bar in Detroit discusses customer experience, empowering staff and vendor relationships.

Quote It

1- “When you have a staff that knows what they're supposed be doing - they know their job but when they encounter a situation that's a little bit challenging - that they don't know exactly how to handle, my job is to be there and give them the confidence to know the right answer.”  (2:48)

2 - "We took our menu and trimmed a lot of the the stuff that wasn’t really moving and focused more on providing what I call a salad -burger experience because that’s what we really do.” (12:56)

Dig In
(3:13) A shift in culture creates the opportunity for your next success.
Embrace the technology that exists today.

(4:25) Successful businesses create an authentic vibe. Create a unique
atmosphere and build your community.

(5:42) Are you attracting enough new business every month? Treat every
customer as if they are a friendship you value and your business will grow.

(11:34) Simplify: You cannot be all things to all people. Do you really know
what drives your customers to your business? Be the best at what you really
do well, your customers will notice!

Tip of the Week:
Call your business and understand the customer experience. Is that the kind
of experience you would want to have? Be the absolute best customer for your
business to evaluate the true experience.

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