Episode 41 - Deb Hart

The greatest reinvention stories are personal. This episode captures a conversation about change, personal growth and the power of getting out of your own way with mid-Michigan FM radio personality Deb Hart.

What makes Deb's story so great is that it's relatable, and she has done the hard work of extracting the lessons from her experiences so that we can all learn from them.


“It’s helpful to not have a judgement about it until you allow yourself to experience it.” (6:54)

“It’s exhausting to own our strengths and weaknesses; either we can change it or accept it - make peace with it. ” (13:25)

“We have teachers around us every moment of every day. I can learn as much from the guy standing behind the counter at the gas station as I can from a CEO, and I think it’s a mistake to believe otherwise.” (19:24)



Right around 10 minutes in Mike asks Deb how she balances what is in her control and out of her control. Her answer couldn’t be more on point.

At 16:50 Deb tells a story about how she took on a challenge to do something completely out of the ordinary for her and it led to a lesson she’ll likely never forget.


1- Surround yourself with a wide variety of people and learn from them.
2 - The best first step you can take toward reinvention is to open yourself up to the realization that maybe what you are doing isn’t as effective as it could be.
3 - Be open to what’s next, even if you don’t know exactly what is the next step.
4 - Seek opportunities to grow, learn and shine.
5 - Many times the barriers you believe exist are self-imposed. Let them go.
6 - You have the responsibility to create your own meaningful journey.

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